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‘Ex-NAB chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal threatened to chop me into pieces’


Sep 26, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Tayabba Gul says PTI was the beneficiary of her leaked videos

Tayabba Gul - the woman who caught limelight following a video leak controversy involving ex-National Accountability Bureau Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal - has accused the former bureau chief of threatening to ‘chop her into pieces’ if he saw her with any other official of the anti-graft body.

While talking exclusively to SAMAA TV’s reporter, Tayyaba Gul said she was compelled to record the objectionable videos of former NAB chairman as he had crossed all limits and persisted on harassing her despite she repeatedly told him to do so.

She said, “I even played that video before PAC in which he [Javed Iqbal] said that you [Tayabba] would be chopped off into pieces if seen with or in office of any other [NAB] official.”

“I filmed these videos to expose him,” Gul contended while adding that she warned the former chairman that she would leak all videos to the media if he did not stop harassing her.

However, Gul said that Iqbal was not intimidated at all and instead responded that ‘I am NAB chairman, I am powerful and capable of doing anything.’

The ex-NAB chairman left no stones unturned in manifesting his power, she lamented.

Gul claimed that her car was fired upon in her hometown Jhang, and she was still facing threats.

She alleged that NAB also pressurized her to back off from the charges on Iqbal.

Gul said she met with ex-prime minister Imran Khan and his personal secretary Azam Khan twice or thrice but to no avail as she was still facing the trials for the last four years.

She said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was the real beneficiary of the videos as the then-government sought these clips from her and committed to form an inquiry committee to dispense her justice.

“I gave some videos and urged to initiate the inquiry as I was facing threats and my husband was also in jail,” she said.

However, she added the videos were misused and PTI government insisted on sharing ‘more evidence’ against the former NAB chairman. ‘But I refused due to what had [already] happened to me’.

“I think the NAB Lahore team’s including DG Shahzad Saleem is kept to harass and tarnish people’s reputations.”

Gul said that there were only six complaints who were ‘arranged’ after painstaking efforts by NAB for making references against her.

In jail, according to Gul, NAB DG Shahzad Saleem asked her and her husband to do a press conference against Iqbal, but ‘I refused as I did not want to publicize the videos’.

Tayabba said she was pressurized a lot during PTI’s government as the media was not allowed to show her videos and the police nor the judiciary listened to her as they used to receive phone calls.

She said that NAB bribed people who held press conferences against her which they had also confessed in their statements later.


Feb 20, 2014
The whole system is corrupted to the core. Not that I am passing any verdict on who is guilty or not but we all know there is no justice for any ordinary Pakistani and if you are a woman then forget about it.

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