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Featured Ex-Israeli pilot: Our army is a terrorist organisation


Dec 27, 2020
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Can't answer for the PBS link but you can see the discussion in the thread: the Pakistan Army destroyed the homes of terrorists' relatives as well as the civilian structures terrorists were emplaced.

Maybe if you look around the PBS website you can find the documentary again.
You do realise your points are dumb?

The pakistan army evacuated the area of civillians before the fighting started. What remained after the ttp were defeated had to be destroyed. Same with air strikes. They could be booby trapped and what not.

Also the way we do it is nothing like the [REDACTED] air force. For one we don't indiscriminately shell buildings and high rises.

Also the civillains death toll in our war was much less than your war, where we saw 256 Palestinians shaheed. You killed more civillians that Hamas operatives. And you claim morale superiorty or try to say we do the same?

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