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Eurostar: 73 Israeli companies participate in the exhibition. Under the umbrella of the Ministry of

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    Eurostar: 73 Israeli companies participate in the exhibition.52 Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense
    The threat from Russia and the war in Syria have brought Europe to a boiling point in the field of arms procurement, and this year it appears that the exhibition, which includes more than 1500 exhibitors, is being held on an enlarged budget infrastructure in European countries. Industrial Cooperation between Israeli Companies and Foreign Companies "

    Ami Rukhas Domba 11/06/2018 Contact author

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    Photo credit: Ministry of Defense Spokesperson

    The Ministry of Defense has completed its preparations for Eurosatory, the world's largest and most important land-based weapons exhibition, to be opened today in Paris The defense export division of the Ministry of Defense (Sibet) organized one of the largest national pavilions in the exhibition, , A large number of companies that will present the most advanced technologies and products in the fields of security, cyber and homeland defense.

    Among the technologies to be presented are solutions for robotics, air defense, border security, armored vehicles, personal protective equipment for soldiers, light weapons, special forces equipment, electro-optics, intelligence and more. A special display will include 11 companies developing unique solutions to homeland defense.

    "The Israeli defense industry has a wide range of technological solutions that are among the most advanced in the world for the security threats facing the countries of the world. The broad participation of the defense industries in the Eurosatory is evidence of this," said Brigadier General (Res.) Michel Ben Baruch. At the same time, we see an ongoing intensification of competition in the international market, which increases the need to expand industrial cooperation between Israeli companies and foreign companies. We initiate and develop international agreements and cooperation between industries and governments and, in many cases, governments and governments (G2G), while promoting knowledge transfer and local production projects in cooperation with local industries worldwide. "

    The list of participating companies can be found on the EuroSatory website.
    http://www.eurosatory.com/home/visit/2018-exhibitors-catalogue-and-map/?lang=en all the companies that will be there
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