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Erdogan to visit Karabakh


Mar 1, 2019
Erdogan to tour Karabakh region recently conquered by Azerbaijan
June 09, 2021, 05:32 PMlatest revision June 09, 2021, 09:28 PM

Azerbaijan seized back swathes of territory in the separatist ethnic Armenia region with the help of Turkish combat drones and other weaponry from Ankara.

The conflict claimed 6,000 lives and ended with a Russian-brokered truce in November that saw ethnic Armenians pushed out of large parts of the land they had won during a brutal post-Soviet war in the 1990s.

Erdogan said he would fly to Azerbaijan from next week's NATO summit in Brussels and watch Turkey play Wales in Baku in the Euro 2020 football championship on Wednesday.

He said he and his "brother," Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, would then visit Shusha, a historic city that fell to Azerbaijani forces in the closing days of the Karabakh war.

The Shusha visit could prove to be especially painful to Armenians because many view the ancient city as the primary center of Armenian culture in Karabakh.

Turkey has historically poor relations with Armenia.

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