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Engine maintenance of GE F-414 (Gripen NG) may be made in Brazil

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    Engine maintenance General Electric F-414 (Gripen NG) may be made in Brazil


    General Electric

    Roberto Caiafa

    Last Thursday, October 30, GE Celma, based subsidiary of GE Aviation in Petrópolis (RJ), announced the start of work on site review of the GEnx, the most advanced engine in operation ever produced by the company, and the expansion of assembly line for the CF34 engine that team jets today E-Jet 190 and Embraer 195.

    This move is part of an investment plan of US $ 100 million from GE Celma the next five years.

    The amount includes, among other goals, to expand the annual capacity of 500 engines for reviewing large 2020, the continued expansion of facilities, the construction of a database of tests and training of manpower.


    Picture: Roberto Caiafa

    The company will have an initial capacity to annually review up to 70 GEnx engines, which equip Boeing aircraft models 787 and 747. With your input in the revision line, GE Celma became the second workshop of GE Aviation authorized to perform maintenance model . Previously the service was only performed on GE Caledonian in Prestwick, Scotland. To know the specifics on the operation of the GEnx, a team of engineers and mechanics GE Celma received training workshops for review of GE Aviation in Durham and Cincinnati, both in the United States, and GE Caledonia, Scotland. In all, 25 professionals from various areas are dedicated to the new line of repair in Petrópolis.


    Also with great interest in expanding GE Celma is the assembly line of CF34-10E engines. The expectation is to exceed the mark of 250 engines mounted and tested in the unit since 2015. This year alone, more than 60 engines will be delivered to Embraer. In 2015 the assembly of CF34-10A, new model of the same family of engines that equip the Comac ARJ21 aircraft produced in China starts. GE Celma just completed testing the airworthiness of the turbine and expects to deliver the first units to a Chinese airline until the second half of next year. With its assembly line, GE Celma became the first and only garage GE outside the United States to assemble new engines.

    GE F-414

    In an interview after the event, the president of GE Celma, Julio Talon, enumerated major brands obtained as the opening of 200 new jobs in 2014, investing $ 100 million to bring the maintenance of the line for the GEnx and Brazil expand operations to the CF-34 engines; establishing partnerships in training skilled labor (as already happens with SENAI and EDAPA) and the consolidation of the GEnx engine to make this master spring growth strategy, allowing GE Celma envision a sustainable 50% increase in their activities by 2020 (the GEnx engine has a horizon of intended use for 40 years).

    When asked about the choice of Gripen NG as new fighter Brazilian Air Force and the fact the plane using the engine General Electric F-414 Talon Julio said well cautiously "Late last year, GE Aviation acquired Avio from Brazil specializes in maintenance, service and overhaul (MR & O) aero engine activities company, and responsible for reviewing the engines GE J85 of Northrop F5-EM \ FM fighters and the MR & O engines Spey MK 807 installed in fighter A-1 AM -X Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

    We have all the conditions to meet the Air Force and perform maintenance of these engines in Brazil, a desire expressed by the High Command of the FAB and consistent with the criteria of the National Defense Strategy.

    If you experience these conversations, we are fully confident in our ability to take on this work, in fact, the chances that this will happen are very good, but are still possibilities. "

    The purchase agreement signed by FAB (36 aircraft) will mean a total of at least 40 GE F-414 engines to be delivered from 2019. With the introduction of the option for the Gripen C \ D from 2016, the F engines -404 of these aircraft will also be supported by Avio Brazil.

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