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Emerging Pensioners' Association of Civil Armed Forces



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Dec 21, 2008
Recently a Social Welfare and mutual cooperation society has been organised and registered under the name of Civil Armed Forces Ex-servicemen Society in Pakistan. This organization is comprised of the personals of renown Irregular forces that are named Militias by public and Civil Armed Forces by the government ( i-e Frontier Corps, Rangers, Frontier Constabulary and Coast Guards). The Organization has Provincial, District and Tehsil based units that run down to basic mohallah and village level. Allover organising is in progess.
The aims and objectives of the society is to help and create cooperation among all ex-servicemen of civil armed forces and also to work as an aide with other organisations of the government of Pakistan in the hour of need. This is is a nonracial, nonlinguistic and nonsectarian loyal society working for the betterment of not only their own companions but it's motive is to serve the general public and people in need, in its own capacity. The society is based on the pensioners of different irregular and civil armed forces of Pakistan that have played a great role in the defence and welfare of the country. They did their duty well on ground and now as retired persons linked to this association, they will try to serve the nation further ahead.
If properly backed, grouped and utilized, this society having hardy mountain and desert trained men of almost all skills from Mason to carpenter and cook to Gunners and sharpshooters, from drivers to mechanics and armourers all can play their part well in civil defences, rescue, constructions and social work.


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