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Elon Musk Wants To Open A Tesla Gigafactory In India

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    Elon Musk Wants To Open A Tesla Gigafactory In India


    Tesla opened their Gigafactory earlier this week which is the biggest factory in the world. On that occasion, Elon Musk commented about opening more factories all over the world in near future. India being one of the destinations for that.

    Tesla launched its most affordable car Tesla Model 3 in April this year. At that time Musk surprised the Indian customers by saying that the car will also make way to the country in a couple of years. The pre-orders of the car were open for the Indian consumers.


    When the cars would make way to India, it would make more sense to have a Gigafactory and even a manufacturing unit situated in the country.

    Recently, the minister of road and transport Nitin Gadkari visited the Tesla manufacturing facility in the US. He even invited Musk to open a production facility in India.

    "Obviously long term it's going to make sense to have a Gigafactory in Europe, one in China and probably one in India," Musk said on the BBC 5 live radio interview.

    "The Gigafactory is vital for the future of Tesla in order to produce this affordable mass-market electric car which has been our goal from the beginning," he added.

    The Tesla Gigafactory

    A week ago Musk revealed his part 2 of the Tesla Master plan. He wants electric vehicle range to expand to trucks, buses and other modes of transport as well. In the plan, he highlighted that all the electric vehicles can be self-sustaining based on the solar power. He wants every part of the world to be filled with self-driving electric vehicles.

    In June, Musk expressed the desire that Tesla wants to acquire his other startup Solar City. Solar City provides personal and business solar power solutions to many companies including Tesla. Musk thinks that the merger will strengthen both the companies. It will also enable to work towards a common goal of sustainable energy with affordable transport for all.