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Egyptian civil capabilities in the field of electronics

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Feb 13, 2012
On this topic, we will talk about the civil capabilities and possibilities of the companies operating in Egypt in the field of electronics, how the boom in this field began in Egypt, and the current and future situation:


The field of electronics is one of the most complex and sensitive fields in the world, and it is the basis for progress and a very large economic support for many developed countries such as the United States and China .... This field is divided into sub-disciplines such as digital design, IC design and analog design and wireless design for radio waves, RF Design..and other fields such as Embedded Systems.

The Egyptian boom in this field was established mainly by Egyptian professors from Ain Shams University and Cairo University after obtaining their PhDs abroad and returning to Egypt in the eighties and nineties, where part of them, in addition to their academic work at the university, established start-up companies in the field of electronic design and the transfer of knowledge to younger students And supervising masters and doctoral theses in this field, which allowed the graduation of a core of Egyptian engineers and specialists in this field and still today .... Most of these companies are located in an area in Cairo called "Sheraton" and some call it the Egyptian Silicon Valley.

The private sector in Egypt:

As it was said in the introduction, some Egyptian professors have established start-up companies in this field, its start was one of the companies that succeeded internationally until it was acquired by the global company Mentor Graphics and is still operating to this day in its current headquarters in the Sheraton district in Cairo under the name of Mentor Graphics Egypt ... This company is currently working, with its Egyptian cadres, mainly in designing Electronic Design Automation EDA tools and software, and has recently entered the field of embedded systems for automotive and vehicle applications.

The company's headquarters in Cairo

One of the emerging Egyptian companies that these professors created and succeeded internationally is an Egyptian company called Si-Ware Systems, which is based in the same region (Sheraton in Cairo) and works in the field of analog and digital design and the application specific integrated circuits ASIC and it has a modern product with which it obtained a patent in the United States, it is a micro-spectrometer system called NeoSpectra that was designed in Egypt entirely by Egyptian cadres .... The Chinese company, Godex, acquired the ASIC design sector in the ASIC company last year and is still working with its Egyptian cadres at its headquarters To date, it has its Egyptian branch and the other part of Goodix, and has expanded its branches in America and Europe.

The company's NeoSpectra sensor

Another Egyptian company that has succeeded internationally in exporting its products is Silicon Vision, which was established by Egyptian engineers and works in designing wireless circuits (RFIC) and dedicated circuits (ASIC), and its designs have entered into the products of international companies such as Lenovo's laptops.

One of the other companies was an Egyptian company working in the design of wireless communication circuits, which was acquired by an American company called Hittite Microwave, and later acquired by the American Analog Devices Company, and it works in Egypt with Egyptian engineers until today, and it is one of the most successful branches of the company in the world.

Another Egyptian company working in this field is ICPedia, which works in designing electronic data transmission circuits such as USB circuits.

Another company that has succeeded internationally is the Egyptian New Port Media company specialized in designing wireless circuits and was later acquired by the American company Microchip, and it is still working today with its Egyptian cadres at its headquarters in Sheraton.

In the field of integrated electronic systems, many Egyptian companies have succeeded, including Avelabs, which expanded and established branches in Germany and the United States recently, and Elsewedy Electrometer, which manufactures and exports its products of smart electronic meters to many customers inside and outside Egypt.

El Sewedy Company products for smart meters

And many other Egyptian companies that are still operating today. to mention a few of them:

-Varkon Semiconductors
-MEMS Vision

One of the international companies that established a branch in Egypt since the beginning is Intel, which established an Egyptian team specialized in designing LTE Physical Layer Stack software, and it was a very distinguished center and Intel transferred it to Germany later with Egyptian engineers after the 2011 revolution.

Among these companies is also the French company Valeo, the leader in modern automotive embedded electronic systems, which has established its largest global research and development center in the Smart Village in Egypt, employing thousands of Egyptian engineers, and the company is still expanding in Egypt to this day.

The headquarters of Value Company in Smart Village in Egypt

Academic and governmental sector:

Egypt has a specialized institute in the field of electronics called the Electronics Research Institute ERI, located in Dokki, Giza, and it specializes in all branches of analog, digital and wireless / analog digital / RF design. It is planned to expand and establish a new headquarters for it in the Nozha area in Cairo. .

Design of the new headquarters of the institute

Egypt has an advanced center for electronics and nanotechnology research called the Center of Nanoelectronics and Devices CND, which is jointly affiliated with the American University in Cairo and Zewail City of Science and Technology. The institute has very advanced capabilities in design and manufacturing, including an advanced clean room located within the Zewail City of Science and Technology.

Dr. Ahmed Zewail and Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab in the Clean Room in Zewail City of Science and Technology

Higher education: Establishing 5 new technological universities in the current stage


Also, the electronics valley in the Ismailia axis and the science and arts district in the new administrative capital

A huge and gigantic project that will give Egypt additional technological power in addition to its current technological strength..

This project will be in the promising economic zone east of Ismailia, and its first phase will be with investments exceeding $ 300 million..

Technology Valley, or the Industrial Development Center for Silicon, consists of 10 factories for the production of solar cells, to produce electrical energy estimated at 650 megabytes..

This is on top of the Egyptian planning to establish 6 technology industry zones that will be established in the governorates as part of the national industry development strategy and attracting international investments to Egypt..

Egypt has taken important steps in technology industries. You can imagine; Egypt's exports four years ago in the field of technology and software was one billion dollars and now in the 2019-2020 fiscal year it has reached 4 billion dollars and is expected to reach 4.7 billion dollars in the current fiscal year..

Egypt is moving ahead with rapid steps in the field of communications technology and software, and with the completion of the Egyptian Silicon Valley construction, Egypt's exports will increase..

Egypt, will become the regional center for the manufacture and development of software in the Arab region. it is enough to know how many international companies are present in Egypt, specifically in the Smart Village..

The field of software is very booming in Egypt, much more than the field of electronics..The reason for this boom is the ITI institutes, which recently expanded and became covering all regions of Egypt from Alexandria to Upper Egypt ..

Hence.. Egypt now in this field has become attractive to Egyptian engineers working abroad in this field because of what Egypt currently has as great potentials, and this is not mentioning Egyptian engineers at home and those who participated in the lion’s share in putting Egypt on the global software map with their small companies in the beginning, which were acquired by the major companies in the world..

There is also the Advanced Technology Lab Cairo.. Among many others.


Orange lab in Egypt


Teda Egypt today supports more than 20 products in which everything a person needs in addition to 5 industrial castles that will help Egypt to be number 5 in the world in the production of fiberglass, in addition to 100 projects of the size of the largest 500 global projects
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