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Aug 2, 2021
We don't fucking care about Akinci and your 40 TRLG-230 missile. This thread is about EGYPT not your industry
What? You don't know?


Lol! I made this meme in December and it's still not old! Because he says the same things again and again.

And AGAIN, if you're in a position where you have to use 16 let alone all 32 VLS, then you have NO BUSINESS being a navy LOL! You NEVER subject one of your ship to be in a hostile environment where it needs to defend itself by itself. That is just very poor naval tactics and certainly not something the Egyptian Navy does. They will always have more than enough firepower to defend themselves in any scenario they chose to be in.
He keeps talking about attacks by dozens of missiles against a ship,by UCAVs and fighters. His logic is that of heavy attacks on the navy,to break the defence by depleting all AA missiles. Of course he completely ignores countermeasures and hit probability. He overestimates the range of the Turkish weapons which are not even in service,let alone tested in battle.
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Oct 12, 2021

Then you don't need it :S

If you guys get both MICA and finally some AIM-120C,well that's good then. If not,then you still have the best Mig-29s for BVR.
We still have MICA IR/ER for the Rafales and I am sure we contract also MICA NG because we bought MICA NG naval version I think for MEKO or FREMM. What missing is the AIM-120. A french Rafale pilot who has a youtube channel said that the MICA is exactly the equivalent of AIM-120.


Aug 2, 2021
We still have MICA IR/ER for the Rafales and I am sure we contract also MICA NG because we bought MICA NG naval version I think for MEKO or FREMM. What missing is the AIM-120. A french Rafale pilot who has a youtube channel said that the MICA is exactly the equivalent of AIM-120.
MICA is pretty good,you're great. Do you have BVR missiles for the Mig-29s?


Dec 21, 2007

Whoever lies that the Turks attempt to contact the Egyptian economic zone forgets that the Turks have a colonial nature and are a tool moved by America and Britain to implement the policies of demolition and destruction in the Middle East using the tools of political Islam. From barbaric tribes that settled in Anatolia, they lived hundreds of years on looting and falsification of history that they were the protectors of Islam. Rather, their presence in Libya is considered friction with Egypt, as well as their occupation of Syrian and Iraqi lands. Turkey has its water agreement with Iraq and Syria and uses them as tools of pressure and war against the peoples of this region

Coming to another point, the Turks are under arms embargo sanctions because they are trying to blackmail Greece and redraw the borders according to Turkish whims and desires, not the maritime law, which does not recognize Turkish fantasies and dreams. Turkey is the weakest among the regional powers and another Iranian air force, but the West stopped supplying weapons and did not stop supplying technology to the Turks, especially with the European crisis. Economic alienation that allows the sale of technology to many countries through fraud methods such as establishing branches in other countries to implement countries’ requests

The occupation of young children compared to a piece for a piece is a kind of ignorance of the nature of modern wars. The Turkish navy will not face the Egyptian navy, and not 150 Turkish naval units will face 200 Egyptian naval units. This is naive.

Simply, the Egyptian Air Force will be present, where the Rafale fighters, F-16 fighters, and MiG-29 fighters are confronted, each equipped with air-to-surface missiles. When Egypt threatened the Turks to sink half of the Turkish naval fleet in one sortie, simply because Egypt has the full ability to do so, both in the sea and in the air. The matter there is not wolves wars. solo
Rather, it will be an integrated war in which early warning planes, fighters, Ka-52 planes, drones, Egyptian naval vessels and Egyptian submarines, whether in the Egyptian economic zone or on the Libyan coasts, will participate. And the nature of the battles. Is there one naval battle in which a naval piece fired 16 air defense missiles alone in the battle, or will the clashes be between several naval pieces that will be more than one air defense layer?

Egypt is deeply concerned about the threats of surface-to-surface missiles and drones. Therefore, the development and deployment of short-range air defense systems is expanding extensively to confront these threats, bearing in mind that the nature and detection of threats and that short-range air defenses will represent the most important line of defense. Therefore, Egypt is studying systems such as LMM missiles with eight launchers. Or systems such as RIM-116 or the competing Korean or UAE production to integrate them into naval units by spreading them with laser cannons on more than 60 Egyptian naval units, in addition to what is available for these units of air defense missile launchers after developing better capabilities and addressing a greater number of attacks such as swarm because Egypt You know perfectly well that a war will be a war of joint weapons, and you will find dozens of drones participating in the attack on the naval vessels

Egypt is gradually building its military capabilities and is maneuvering in order to supplement its military capacity with signs of success
With the failure of Turkish and Iranian armament plans, which include the current threat to Egyptian and Arab interests, it does not give up on developing its air and sea capabilities quickly in order to provide deterrence capacity to its traditional enemies.

Therefore, the rates of delivery of marine parts are increasing, as well as the process of developing local production capacities for production, and to clarify what has been done now

During EDEX 2021, Larsen & Toubro Defence unveiled a model of SOV400 midget submarine, the entity is a Larsen & Toubro group company that has played an important role in the realisation of India's first indigenously designed nuclear submarine.

The German company, Lürssen , NVL Group, acquired the Korean basins
Related to Egyptian orders
It is working on joint designs with Egypt for several marine units after providing the requirements with contracts to be implemented for a number of
6 small rocket launchers PV-43-HRM
As a down payment with a copy of a marine periodical
6 CC-60 Patrol Combatant
With the development of another version of anti-submarine and anti-submarine, where you need to pass an initial number of 6
midget 200-ton
It uses the basis of the submarine design

China is offering a series of competing midget submarines 200-600 tons, which could develop into an unmanned version as well.
Unlike the Indian offer of the SOV400 midget submarine


The NVL Company aims to not stop its production lines in Egypt and to supply various marine pieces to rehabilitate 306 marine pieces in the Egyptian fleet and offer them at a limited cost and develop local designs as technology was transferred to other countries

Currently, the corvette is being studied according to the Egyptian specifications. It is designed in cooperation with them, with a displacement of 2000 tons, with delivery that is not subject to European companies, but it is possible to add armaments from non-European sources.

We come to other points

The Egyptian-Italian negotiations on the deals are still ongoing. On the contrary, the Regeni file was completely closed a few weeks ago. Consequently, the Italian opposition no longer has the effect of the Italian delay in approval, and is facing other offers from French and German companies, which puts pressure on the Italians themselves, the Europeans at the same time. They agreed with the Egyptians on more Egyptian gas exports by reducing Egypt's consumption of gas and resorting to other sources and providing more gas ships to Europe in return for meeting Egypt's defense needs

The US ban on Egypt
Supply of C-130J and CH-47F aircraft
And the E-2D planes are in the interest of Egypt because the alternatives are better
The Brazilian offers to Egypt KC-390 The future plane The Chinese future supply of Y-20 planes is a good solution, as China has its only objection related to the speed of supply to Egypt, as the production lines are busy for additional years and negotiations with Japan

Very important points related to Europe and Greece

Europe feels betrayed by America and that it has put it in a state of conflict with the Russians in order to destroy the European economies and not compete with the American economy. The energy crisis in Europe is reflected in the closure of factories and the high cost of energy for citizens and economic crises for citizens at the same time China and India get gas and oil at a very reduced price
Therefore, Europe is looking into contracts for the sale of arms to countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia, where America exerts pressure on countries in arms sales and even spare parts and development

And we all know the French offer of the SMX-30 submarines to Egypt and the Barracuda version

The Turkish-Greek frank is in the interest of Egypt, as Egypt can support Greece in all types of armaments, whether as a result of the presence of joint armaments and equipment in the weapons of the Egyptian and Greek army, and it is part of the European desire to curb Turkish ambitions in the eastern Mediterranean
This increases Egypt's importance to Europe and Greece, and is reflected in economic and military cooperation programmes

Egypt deals with the Turks by limiting its influence until their economy collapses, which is also close for reasons related to the cost of energy and the low volume of foreign investment to Turkey, which reduces the trade deficit, as well as the rise in inflation to record numbers, which will make the situation in Turkey a good future for the benefit of all except Turkey, of course. The weakness of Turkish armament and the Turkish economic collapse and their inability in the energy file in the Eastern Mediterranean

Therefore, Egypt’s development of its military capacity does not depend only on the level of the Turkish threat, but all the challenges in southern Egypt, Israel and Iran become apparent, which makes Egypt not compromise on the issue of armament, but rather takes rapid acquisition steps instead of local manufacturing, which requires the presence of sufficient military capacity for the emergence of national products that dispense with import


Jul 25, 2021
found it. IDk wether to trust this account or not
You did not see the monasteries of Minya are also impressive, and they were restored and made in the best way
And also the best place for the holy tree is splendid and still so far I wish the Coptic brothers to visit it, it is an excellent trip and you will like the monastery of St. Catherine very much also
Welcome to Egypt, you will find a picture other than what you can imagine


Oct 16, 2016
United States
After the MiG-21 was retired from the interception role (and even though it was still operating in the EAF) that role was delegated to two other types of aircraft and squadrons. The first being the F-7 AIRGUARD for the Red Sea quadrant and the F-16C in the Mediterranean sector out of Port Said (that location for obvious reasons) and this was essentially what and how they operated that role. From some interviews and publications, this was a 24/7 maintained status for several F-16s parked in their hangars and armed and ready with a pair of AIM-7 Sparrows & AIM-9s Sidewinders. This was the EAF interceptor for many years until the newer 4th generation aircraft were acquired in the Rafales and MIG-29M/M2.






EAF Rafales & RSAF F-15SAs from Faisal II Exercise with the Royal Saudi Air Force which is interesting to see since this is quite a possible future look for the EAF itself!


EAF MiG-29M2 (2-seater) inverted over an airbase with staggered hangars. There is an excellent reason for that staggering design/build not too many people know or notice.




Caesar in Egyptian armor color.





Not sure this is Egyptian, but the EGY Army does have a similar setup on its jeeps with quad saggers roof launchers.


Another look at that Husky mine detector I posted pics of on a previous post.







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