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    The Education System of Pakistan is divided into five levels

    1.Primary level (Class 1 to 5)
    2.Middle level (Class 5 to 8th)
    3.Secondary level (S.S.C)
    4.Intermediate level (H.S.C)
    5.University level (Graduation, Masters and Research)

    Another division of Education System in Pakistan according to the School System

    1.1. Public Schools or Government Schools
    These schools are managed and financed by the government. Unfortunately, the majority of the schools are in poor condition.

    » There is no any merit system; teachers and other staff are appointed by the ministers on their own wishes.
    » There is no any accountability; a large number of GHOST SCHOOLS AND GHOST TEACHERS are listed in the documents. They are receiving funds and pays, but, in reality they did not exists.
    » In Rural areas, the buildings of public schools are mostly held by Waderas and Feudal. They use them as marriage halls, otaks, bethaks etc.
    “Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and immorality.” (Henry Fielding)

    1.2. Elite Class Schools (private schools)
    Due to badly failure of government in providing the Education, the Elite Class Education System in Pakistan got successes very quickly. Today, even poor prefer to send their child in these private schools but because of high fee structure many aspirants are unable to part this Education System. It is generally accepted that, the standard of Elite Class Education System is more reliable and first-rate than Public Schools and Madarsas. There is accountability, transparency and checking system. Generally, the students of private schools are more competent than those of public schools and Madarsas. The government should take lessons from this Education System. These are successive models for the government i.e. CITY SCHOOL, BEACON SCHOOLS, PAK-TURK SCHOOLS etc.

    1.3. Madarsas
    Madarsas are the largest NGOs of the world. Today in Pakistan about 8000 Madarsas are working. They provide not only Education but also accommodation and food. They provide Islamic as well as worldlyEducation. Mostly, poor parents who are unable to educate their child prefer this Education System. The government should introduce the reforms for the Madarsas and improve their standard. This will be helpful in two ways. Firstly, it will provide free of cost education to poor child. Secondly, it will lessen the burden the government.

    Before the 18th Amendment, the EducationSystem in Pakistan was the responsibility of Federal Government. The Ministry of Education at Federal level was responsible for formulating Policies, Planning and Promotion of Educational facilities across the country. But, after the passing of 18th Amendment, the responsibilities of Education System are divided among the Federation and the Provinces.

    The responsibilities of the Provinces

    1.To set the Curriculum
    2.To set the Syllabus
    3.Standards of Education up to Grade 12 (F.Sc, H.S.C, I.Com, etc).
    4.Islamic Education
    The responsibilities of Federation are following

    1.Planning and Policy
    2.External Affairs; Signing, implementation and monitoring of Bilateral and Multi-lateral Educational Agreements, Pacts, Protocols, MoUs
    3.Controlling of Libraries, museums, and similar institutions
    4.Federal agencies i.e. FATA
    5.Special Studies
    6.Inter-provincial matters and co-ordination.”
    7.Legal, medical and other professions.
    8.National planning and national economic coordination including planning and coordination of scientific and technological research.
    9.National Education Policy and clear cut Domain over the following acts.
    1.Centres of Excellence Act 1974
    2.Area Study Centres Act 1975
    3.Pakistan Study Centres Act 1976
    4.National Book Foundation Act 1972
    5.Fed. Board of Intermediate & Sec Education Act 1975
    6.Federal Directorate of Education Isb. [Article 142 (d)]
    7.Federal Supervision of Curricula, Textbooks and Standards of Education Act 1976
    8.National Education Foundation Ordinance 2002

    SOURCES: http://pakistanandpakistanis.com/education-system-in-pakistan/
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    There is a dedicated thread STICKY on Education in Pakistan.

    Did you not search BEFORE you opened another thread on the same topic ?

    Please refrain from doing so in future, it just makes life hectic.

    Mods , please do the needful.
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    You are absolutely right. Education system in our country is on the down line. Even your English medium and modern schools with a lot of facilities are not doing any efforts to deliver what is required in our local setup. They just copy the systems from UK or USA and try to duplicate the same here.

    Every big institute in Pakistan is proud to copy UK or USA based system. They never tell you that these two countries are leaders in higher education but stand low in early education. They are learning from the better schooling systems of Finland,Switzerland, Canada or many other countries which have far much better schooling education system in their country.

    The Crest school have just started its research based schooling system in Pakistan. Lets hope that many more schools will follow the same method and we will be able to emerge an ideal schooling system which is suitable and specially fit for our own identity.
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    In Human development Report Pakistan is placed at 136th position for having just 49.9% educated population. In addition to that, Pakistan is ranked at 113th out of 120 registered UN members according to the research conducted by UNESCO et. all. Some of the very basic flaws of the education system in Pakistan contribute to the economic, ethnic and sociopolitical crisis within the country.
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    Can I ask why you have a picture of one of the most mardood leaders ever to rule Pakistan? the same mard e momin who LIED that he will hold elections? I mean seriously..
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