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ECP has selected a sworn enemy of PTI as caretaker CM Punjab:Imran Khan


Aug 3, 2008
Sworn enemy? Wondering why PTI gave bad names of persons (serving bureaucrats and dual national) who cannot be the provincial CM. As usual IK is trying to make an issue (after his stupidity?). In fact, there was only one person's name in the panel names who was eligible for this position and EC just picked that person.

Is that just a stupid move on IK's part to present the names of those who were not qualified for the position? Probably not. IK has been doing negative politics for his whole political life. He is capable of doing only negative politics. Just look at the actions of this monhoos idiot since he entered politics (to the bad luck of this nation). Now he is trying to remain relevant in the changed dynamics by creating yet another issue. But I think the end of his politics is really close. He'll face jail and disqualification in multiple cases for the grave crimes that he has committed in past.

You have to remove the body of the dead dog from the well before you start cleaning it. This mahoos criminal needs to be left rotting in a jail for the rest of his filthy dirty life. The real place of a filthy criminal is jail. IK shoud rot there forever.


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