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Economy, Yaraneh and Iranian protests


May 24, 2018
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
So you want to say that pagan liberalism that was originated in ancient Greece and is practiced by the West and you--- is native to Iran? Iran contributed to Islamic civilization more than anyone else. Iran was and remains central to Islamic civilization.

Regarding "foreign backward ideology" ---do you know what is spirituality? meaning of life? You live this life before you die and turn into ash together with your Parsi pride.... And the best your Parsipride can do while living this life-- is to worship false ideals (like your Parsi pride) instead of real absolute ideals, that have meaning--- like God?

Regarding "zero benefit to humans in the last 1400 years other than oppression, amputation, murder, and misery"-----And what Westerners brought to humanity except colonialism and exploitation(including of Iran under the Shah), racism, genocide, carpet bombings and millions of murdered from Korean and Vietnam wars to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?

They will be around for another 4000 years, because the main problem in Iran is economic in nature and not ideological.

Islam existed for 1400 years and will exist another 1400 years and more----while communism was a false ideology than survived only for 2 generations and collapsed because it was false.

If USA did not meddle in the affairs of the Middle East and destabilize/destroy countries of the region---everything could be fine with the region and lives of millions of people.

Iran was in better shape?
Under the Shah 65% of the population was illiterate. Today 95% are literate.
Under the Shah urban population was only 45%. Today urban population is 80% and all this despite the fact that population has more than doubled in 40 years.
Under the Shah Iran was a semicolony of USA, with US deploying bases in Iran. Today Iran deploys bases in foreign countries.
I'm not even talking about the enormous wealth gap that was prevalent in Iran under the Shah

In 1978 statistics from Iran looked nice because of the high oil prices following the Arab oil embargo of 1973. This is temporal effect.

You should learn about how countries develop, because of their geographic location. Countries that are located close to the sea grow economically faster than landlocked countries, because they have access to international trade and ability to cheaply export their goods via sea. South Korea and Israel are like this.

Iran, however is a country with major cities located far away from the coastline with mountains separating Iranian cities from the coast. Developing infrastructure in mountains is difficult and expensive and mountainous geography hinders economic growth. But Iran has oil that allows it to compensate for geographic difficulties.

So the real comparison is not Israel or South Korea----real comparison is Iran and Turkey.

Turkey has no oil, but most Turkish cities are located near the coastline, making exports to the nearby 500mln populated EU via sea easy and cost effective---they produce goods in Istanbul or Bursa or Izmir, upload the good to the ship and cheaply export them to the EU and their economy grows.

Iran doesn't have this advantage, but Iran has oil.

So Iran and Turkey (which is not a theocracy) can be compared as two biggest Middle Eastern powers.

And Iran is comparable to Turkey and in the field of military industry is far ahead of Turkey.

Iran builds 1,5 mln cars a year. Iran is regional leader in petrochemicals, Iran has most advanced military industry in the region (and unlike Israel, Iran builds submarines, helicopters, aircraft, cruise missiles etc.), Iran is in top 9 space launching countries in the world. Iran has a diversified and self-sufficient industry and all this despite harsh sanctions and obstacles created by USA with its powerful Jewish lobby.

First outproduce and compete with Turkey that for the sake of comparison has not a "bankrupt ideology of a phony totalitarian police state"

Iran is shackled by sanctions because of its independent foreign policy and because of US imperialism. Imagine what Iran could become if not US sanctions and bullying by US.

It has survived this long despite all the pressure by US, because of its internal strength
Well said sir,well said.:tup:

It’s funny once there is any significant amount of protests the entire Instagram/Twitter/etc blows up about Iranian “rights”.

What rights? Suddenly gasoline prices are there “right”? Iran already has THE LOWEST GASOLINE PRICES IN THE Middle East. I mean what would these kir khars do if they lived in EU where it’s like $7-8 dollars a gallon for gas.

Also people saying about hijab being strict. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? First of all Iranian woman are some of the most Kharab woman I have ever seen in my life. Tehran has more prostitutes than Las Vegas and Red Light District combined. Iranian woman were selling sex in the UAE (Dubai) so much that they had to make visas harder.

Already Iranian women enjoy much more freedoms than most Arab countries. Hijab is barely enforced at this point and montoes have basically disappeared.

If these people’s lives are so pathetic that they think a removal hijab will change their Misfortunes they need to open their damn eyes. Jordan and Egypt are under ZERO SANCTIONS and suffering more so than Iran which is under draconian sanctions.

Honestly it boggles my mind how stupid some of my fellow countrymen are. They think if alcohol, clubs, and McDonald’s are in Iran suddenly the entire problem is solved. Already Tehran has more drugs, alcohol, and parties than Vegas.

But hey let’s destroy an entire country just to see what happens next. I mean it worked so well in other countries and worked so well for Iran in 1979.

damn idiots
To put the fuel price in perspective,where I`m from its just under $2.50 per liter of petrol.
I`d just like to state that I agree with everything that you`ve said in your previous posts in both this topic and the other thread dealing with the protests.


Feb 9, 2019
Russian Federation
I can write for 20 pages on spirituality. Have you read the Gosple? I suggest that you read the New Testament and tell what is real and what is fake. Then come back and preach me about spirituality and the after life. My Parsi Pride is what Iranians are that love Iran and her history.It is the pride of the country of my ancestors, it the pride of the poor kids that were butchered in cold blood at the hands of the Islamic Facist occupiers. It is being proud of what my culture is not some foreign ideology and culture of no-mad Beduins. There is big desert in Salafi Arabia; I am sure in the very near future they will make room of all of you.
I'm sure you can write 2000 pages about ancient warlord like Cyrus the Great. But your disrespectful posts about Islam- a religion of 1,5 bln people --religion that was voluntarily accepted by Iranians only shows your lack of spirituality.

This includes Great Britain, the master of your supreme leaders and the Mulla occupiers of Iran, which by the way you never hear " Marg Bar Ingilis" and certainly do not see them celebrating occupying the English Embassy.
LOL. Unlike modern USA, Britain is no longer an imperialistic nation and has no influence in the Middle East, so why they should scream "Marg Bar Ingilis". And of course Brits are such a master of Supreme Leader that he ordered to capture British sailors when they violated Iranian sovereignty by entering Iranian territorial waters back during Ahmadinejad days.

It is the Christian principle that allows people like you and your friends, the apologist for this bankrupt regime to move abroad and give you the freedom to worship your belief.
It is not Christian principles --it is liberal principles.

You are partially right. The problem in Iran is partially economic because the Oligarchy (Sepah and Mullas) are busy stealing at the detriment of 80 million. The explosion of anger ,destruction of banks, destruction of all the elements that are connected to this regime, and desecrating the symbols of this bankrupt regime is not economic.
For making a revolution, you need millions to get into the streets-----these protests against higher gasoline prices with 10-20 thousand protesters are like a fart against the wind---it will not change regime.

The main backers of Mulla occupiers are China and Russia so not much has changed and Iran is not truly independent.
China is just a customer of Iranian oil. Russians don't sell weapons to Iran but back Assad in Syria because of their own self-interest. The truth is that Iran is truly independent (unlike during the times of Shah)

Ask your supreme leader why he does not criticize the oppression of muslims in China and the carpet bombing of Chechens in Russia.
This is called politics.

I am not a fan of the Pahlavi regime, but Iran was a weak country after WWII, and was occupied. The poverty and illiteracy was something that they inherited not something that happened under the Pahlavi regime.
So you make an excuse for Pahlavi regime even despite they ruled Iran from 1925 and could not make it a literate nation. I can also make an excuse for Islamic Republic by saying that if not US imperialistic sanctions, Iran could have already be a developed nation.

The country was in respected abroad, it had a better foreign policy and relation with her neighbors
Being a semicolony of USA with US deploying military bases --this is what you call "being respected and having a better foreign policy". Kissing the *** of USA---this is how you can get respect in modern world. But the truth is that Iran (like Russia and China) is a strong country that has a truly independent foreign policy and it forces everyone around to regard Iranian interests.

the economy was booming.
thanks to temporarily high oil prices following Arab oil embargo of 1973

This revolution happened with the help of outside powers under the false hope that Khomeini was going to fight the soviets and wage Jihad.
This is false. Americans didn't know what to do in order to save the Shah. Zbigniew Brzesinski offered the Shah full support if he cruelly cracks down on mass protests. US gave a refuge to the Shah when he left Iran.

The wealth gap does not exist today right? It is 100 times worst. most of the country is living below poverty.
According to World Bank Iran is an upper middle income economy.

Regarding the wealth gap. Iran's Gini coefficient is 38---nearly comparable to Canada, Italy and Russia, -and lower than Israel, Turkey and USA where Gini coefficient is 41,5.

So Iran has less wealth gap than USA, Israel and Turkey.

You are obviously wet behind the ears. You need to learn about purchasing power, living standards, and micro-economics before you make ridiculous statement like that.
According to this data Iran's economy was 164 bln$ in 1980....now it is 1,6 trln $--- i/e increase in 10 times over 40 years period....(which gives an average 6% growth per year).....So how 1978 could be better if Iran's economy today is 10 times larger than 40 years ago???


WTF? Are we talking about Iran or Uzbekistan? This is your rebuttal that the reason this bankrupt theocracy has shackled Iran's true growth is because we do not access to the bodies of water?
This is an article by US think tank Stratfor.
Geopolitics of Iran: Holding the Center of a mountainous fortress

Quote: "
" But there is a deeper geographic problem. Iran has a huge population mostly located in rugged mountains. Mountainous regions are rarely prosperous. The cost of transportation makes the development of industry difficult. Sparsely populated mountain regions are generally poor. Heavily populated mountain regions, when they exist, are much poorer.

Iran’s geography and large population make substantial improvements in its economic life difficult.

The absence of inhabitable plains means that any industrial plant must develop in regions where the cost of infrastructure tends to undermine the benefits. Oil keeps Iran from sinking even deeper, but it alone cannot catapult Iran out of its condition."

I can also tell you about benefits of having navigable rivers (like Western Europe and North America has) and how they cheapen transportation costs and stimulate trade and economic growth.....Iran lacks navigable rivers and has mountains that hinder economic growth. So you can't compare Iran with South Korea, because these countries have different geographies.

Even the Turks have moved ahead of us. Unlike you, who was born after 1979, I actually visited Turkey pre and post revolution . Iran was much more developed.You are just typing some nonsense. In the same sentence you make a ridiculous argument on why Iran should not be compared with South Korea and Israel and in the same breath you defend Turkey.
The size of Turkish economy in 1980 was 150bln$, while Iran had an economy (thanks to high oil prices) of 164bln$. So both countries were comparable.



Also note, that Turkey doesn't have oil, while Iranian economy of 1980 was more than 50% based on oil, so even small oil price increase could change Iranian statistics in a better way.

You have to hand to the Israelis, they turned the desert into a modern country with a robust economy
When a Jewish family from USA sells their 300k dollar house and brings this money together with them to the desert---of course the desert will quickly turn into modern country with robust economy.

It is best to act in the benefit of Iran in pragmatic sense than to export some backward 7th century ideology of no-mad illiterate Beduins
By the time you will be long rotting in grave together with your useless Parsi Pride----the "backward 7th century ideology of no-mad illiterate Beduins" will only expand in the world.

Europe’s Growing Muslim Population, by the Washington-based Pew Research Centre.


Islam will be largest religion in the world by 2070, says report

And this is to say that the second largest religion--Christianity is long dead and became just a formality
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Sep 10, 2016
United States
United States
15 min ago.
Two high rank IRGC officers shot dead in Shiraz by another officer, who refused to obey their order to open fire on peaceful protesters.

Put this blame on cia and Yahoo too Lol
Brain dead khomenists
LMAO. says the Pakistani who is living under military dictatorship(I believe your COAS is your real leader not IK). dont be a hypocrite troll.


Mar 1, 2015
Why they handout cash stipends?
Why not credits or a card to buy food or petrol?

Some of these rioters, hooligans and murderers are trained in North Iraq (barzanistan).
And financed by Iranian expats..but they are also source of remittances so how vocally does the govt. expose them?

Shapur Zol Aktaf

Feb 10, 2013
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Why they handout cash stipends?
Why not credits or a card to buy food or petrol?

And financed by Iranian expats..but they are also source of remittances so how vocally does the govt. expose them?
Iranian expats never finance such groups. Some of Iranian expats receive funds from Saudis, zionists, usa to finance their tv channels or their terrorist movements.


Oct 24, 2013

Unlike in 2009 where foreign groups later on hijacked the protest about election results and tried to turn it into some kind of deluded revolution, this time around it was very clear to everyone that foreign sponsored groups were lying in wait for any kind of protest to immediately hijack.

mal o amvol mardom o be atash keshoondan bi sharaf ha

The government should have responded more harshly because it's one thing to protest an issue and it's quite another to allow a hand full of morons to start setting car's, buses, banks, buildings, metro stations on fire....

Total costs of the damages should be divided between all the morons they have so far managed to arrest & the government should go around and confiscate everything they or their parents own with a min sentence of 10 years at least.

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