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ECIL’s to supply critical electronic systems for Akash missiles

Major Shaitan Singh

Dec 7, 2010
Electronics Corporation of India Limited, a wholly owned Government of India Enterprise, in partnership with Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a defence public sector undertaking, is supplying mission critical electronic systems for Akash Weapon System (AWS) which is being inducted into the Indian army on May 5, 2015 at a function in Delhi.

Akash is a Surface to Air Missile indigenously developed by the Defence Research Development Laboratory (DRDL), under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP).

BDL is the prime production agency of this missile program for Army. BDL entrusted the responsibility of realizing the critical Ground Support Systems i.e. the Combat Command and Control Centre (CCC) and the Mobile System for Missile Checkout (MSMC) to ECIL.

The First Off Production Models (FOPM) of these systems have been successfully realized and delivered by ECIL in close association with DRDL. Based on successful performance of FOPM, clearance has been obtained for the bulk manufacture and supply of two Regiments of AWS to Army.

The CCC is based on an advanced Command Control Computer Communication and Intelligence (C4I) architecture for precise and effective engagement of Akash missiles against moving targets.

This is the heart of the Weapon System which is capable of launching missiles based on the information obtained for the RADAR systems. CCC can also serve as the nerve centre for interoperability with other Weapon Systems located in the base.

The Mobile System for Missile Checkout checks the readiness of a fully Integrated Missile involving all missile electronic subsystems in the field with Go / No Go status. It is a computerised checkout system installed on a high mobility chassis. The system is designed for field use suitable for desert and cross country drives. It can quickly be deployed in the field and can be moved at short notice.

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