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DX Korea 2018: New Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW 110 anti-tank weapon

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    At DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in South Korea, German Company Dynamit Nobel Defence showcases its full range of shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons systems including the Panzerfaust 3, RGW 90 and the new RGW 110. Product portfolio of Dynamit Nobel Defence contains state-of-the-art shoulder launcher weapons from 60mm to 110mm covering effective range from 300 to 1,200m.

    Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW 110 anti-tank weapon at DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in South Korea. (Picture source Army Recognition)

    At DX Korea 2018, Dynamit Nobel Defence presents its new anti-tank weapon RGW 110, a lighter and shorter version of the RGW 90, providing the modern soldier the best performance weight ratio with FFE (Fire-From-Enclosure) capability on the market and a unique First Shot Kill Probability
    The Panzerfaust 3 is a modern disposable recoilless anti-tank weapon, which was developed between 1978 and 1985 and put into service by the Bundeswehr in 1992.

    The Panzerfaust 3 (Pzf 3) is third-generation man-portable anti-tank weapon that consists of two basic parts- a round of ammunition, pre-loaded into disposable launching tube / barrel, and reusable fire control and sighting unit. Before use, the loaded round is attached to the sight / fire control unit, aimed and fired. After discharge,empty barrel is removed from fire control unit and discarded, and a new round can be loaded and fired. It has a combat weight of 12,8 kg and an effective firing range from 300 to 400 m.

    This anti-tank weapon system is available in three main versions, the standard Panzerfaust 3, and the Panzerfaust 3-T (T stands for tandem warhead).
    The Panzerfaust 3-IT (Pfz 3-IT) is the latest member in the Panzerfaust 3 family of Dynamit Nobel Defence. With PzF 3-IT main battle tanks with state-of-the-art reactive armor can be effectively engaged from all aspects. Panzerfaust 3-T and 3-IT have a maximum firing range of 600m.

    Dynamit Nobel Defence Panzerfaut 3 anti-tank weapon at DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in South Korea. (Picture source Army Recognition)

    The RGW 90 (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) is a 90mm man-portable, anti-armor, multi-purpose weapon system manufactured by German-based company Dynamit Nobel Defence. The RGW 90 family of infantry weapon systems includes RGW 90HH (Heat-Hesh), RGW 90AS (Anti Structure) and RGW 90WB (Wall Breacher).

    The RGW 90HH variant weighs 8.7kg and is used to destroy structural targets using an adjustable warhead at an effective range between 20 m and 500 m.

    Weighing roughly 10kg, the RGW 90 AS variant is fitted with a two-stage warhead that can destroy hardened protective covers and hit the targets hidden behind cover. It has a range between 10m and 400m.

    Armed with an explosively-formed ring warhead, the 174mm RGW 90WB weapon, weighing 13kg, can penetrate masonry structures and concrete or brick walls at ranges from 10 m to 100 m.

    Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW 90 anti-tank weapon at DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in South Korea. (Picture source Army Recognition)


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