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DRDO team shares Nuke-Chem-Bio expertise with UK officials

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    DRDO team shares Nuke-Chem-Bio expertise with UK officials

    New Delhi, Oct 7 (PTI) British authorities have got some lessons from DRDO scientists in handling nuclear, chemical and biological situations to devise a strategy in this regard during the forthcoming London Olympics.

    A DRDO delegation led by Chief Controller W Selvamurthy, while visiting the UK recently, gave presentation on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) technologies developed by them and its applications in international sporting events for protection of sports personnel and spectators, :cheers: a DRDO spokesperson said here.

    "The good practices and lessons learnt for CBRN defence during the CWG 2010, were shared with a UK delegation, who are preparing for the London Olympics in July next year," the spokesperson said.

    The Indian delegation was visiting the CBRN unit of Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) under the British Home Ministry to explore possibilities of cooperation in developing defence technologies.

    During the four day-visit which started on October 3, the two sides held extensive interactions in many areas to bring synergy between India and the UK in CBRN technology, he said.

    "The visit has opened many new avenues and possibilities for training of large cross section of stake-holders including military, para-military, police and other concerned civilian agencies for CBRN preparedness, response and mitigation,"
    the spokesperson said. :cheers:

    The British experts also shared the CBRN technology developed by them and its interoperability in civil and military sector.

    DRDO team shares CBRN expertise with UK officials -  
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    Wow it was quick...
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    I wonder that the Good practices from CWG 2010 are going to help. As one of your official said that the standards are different from International expectations:).