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Domestic laser defense system produced by ASELSAN will enter the TSK inventory antil June.


Jun 18, 2014

Mehmet Erdoğan, Member of the Parliamentary Industry, Commerce, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission and AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Erdoğan made important evaluations about the recent developments in the national war and defense industry during his visit to the Regional Directorate of the Gaziantep Municipality. Deputy Mehmet Erdogan said that the production of Laser Defense Systems, produced by ASELSAN and seen as the future defense system, is ongoing. Erdogan said that the domestic and national laser systems that successfully passed the first tests were scheduled to enter the Turkish Armed Forces inventory until June, "We now produce 65% of our Turkish armed forces' national warfare and defense industry indigenously." Of course, until next June, the Turkish Armed Forces weapons will also be produced and given ".

ASELSAN has developed its capability in weapons systems after turning to national and domestic defense systems and has started to diversify its products in the field of weapon systems and to establish a defense system for future local laser technology considering new threats and needs that arise. The notable system, which stands out with its successful performance in the tests and makes the unmanned aerial vehicle ineffective by the laser, was introduced at the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2017), which was held in May.

The new system can be used to safeguard power plants, airports, border stations, headquarters buildings, and convoy transit routes, while being designed against critical and micro unmanned aircraft threats, hand-made explosives and suspect elements on the roadside.

The system consists of a fiber laser source with high laser output power, a focuser pulse controller, an infrared / day camera, a laser rangefinder, a steering unit, associated power / control electronics, software, cooling and power generation / storage subcomponents. The system consists of fiber laser source (ASELFİBER family product group), Focus Variable Firing Controller (ODAK), infrared / day camera (MORR), routing unit and all related mechatronics, software, hardware designs and productions ASELSAN signatures. ASELFİBER family product group is working as a high efficiency laser source in 1 micrometer wavelength band. The FOCUS was designed on an architecture that can be quickly adjusted autonomously over 1 kilometer above 50 meters. The system was revealed at every stage from software to production, with local and meticulous evaluation

In the Laser Defense System, a high-power laser produced by a fiber laser source can be steered through a stabilizing platform that moves horizontally and vertically. The Stabilize platform also incorporates electro-optical units such as thermal cameras and day vision cameras to perform target detection and tracking functions. The system automatically monitors the electro-optic units for threats through camera images and ensures that threats are eliminated with the high-power laser beam it sends.

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