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Documents show al-Baghdadi trained by MOSSAD: HR attorney

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    Documents show al-Baghdadi trained by MOSSAD: HR attorney

    Press TV has conducted an interview with Edward Corrigan, a human rights attorney, from Ontario, about the irony of American airstrikes on ISIL militants in Iraq, an entity created and supported by the US itself.

    The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

    Press TV: The situation dealing with the ISIL terrorists continues to spiral out of control now we’ve seen that more and more Westerners are actually also involved in this.

    We see now in the United States, the UK and other Western governments condemning the terrorists for their actions. The question is, do you think they would have even gotten this far if it hadn’t been for the situation in Syria and basically the propping up of these kinds of groups by Western governments?

    Corrigan: I agree with that. I think the whole ISIS, ISIL were generated by the West.
    The Americans, the British, the Israelis have all been supporting them with arms and money; they’ve also gotten money from some Western client states like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

    The original foundation is simply from British intelligence. According to documents supposedly released by Edward Snowden, Abu al-Baghdadi who is supposed to be the head of ISIL, he was trained by the MOSSAD for a year and may in fact be a MOSSAD agent.

    He is trying to organize Islamic fundamentalist and radicals to destroy the secular national Arab state of Syria and they’ve expanded into Iraq.

    But you’ve got the American government, British government and the Israelis supporting the Islamic fundamentalists in Syria, ISIL, giving them weapons and arms and at the same time they’re attacking them because they’re posing a threat to the American client state in Iraq.

    So you’re arming them in Syria and then you’re attacking the same people in Iraq. I think that’s my definition of insanity. You can’t have it both ways.

    The other thing is, according to documents released by Edward Snowden that this is sort of a honey-trap where they want to gather all of the Islamic radicals and militants in one place; they control them, use them for their own purposes, but also maybe in the end destroy them.
    And especially when you’re getting Islamic militants coming from the United States, Britain and other countries... the person who executed the gentleman journalist in Iraq, he had a British accent.

    So you are concentrating them there, using them to destroy Syria obviously, but now they are posing a threat to Iraq and they’re talking about attacking Saudi Arabia and other feudal countries in the Persian Gulf region.

    It’s a very dangerous game; it’s a crazy game... ISIL supposedly executed 2,000 Yazidis (Kurdish community); they’re fighting the Iraqi government; they’re fighting the Kurds – the whole thing is chaos and destruction and out of that supposedly some people think they can get some sort of political and economic benefit.

    But it really is a crazy policy that doesn’t make any sense unless your idea is to destroy the whole region.

    Press TV: What about what you just said, “unless your goal is to destroy the whole region”... When Western countries support this type of terrorist or extremist behavior, going into it do they not realize that it could also go back to haunt them?

    Obviously this type of insanity you can’t control and just limit to a particular country or region, but it will expand as we have seen so many individuals from all over the world joining in to fight for ISIL. So why can’t they as far as these political experts and strategists that look all at these situations prior to going into it, why could they not have foreseen this happening?

    Corrigan: It’s happened repeatedly. I think part of it is the arrogance of the CIA and British and Israeli planners because they think they can control the situation.

    But what you’re talking about is the term ‘blowback’, when you support Islamic radical to let’s say the Russian in Afghanistan and then when they turn on you and perhaps were involved in the 9/11 attack or other terrorist attacks against the United States... you train the you arm them you show them how to do things and then you’re happy they’re attacking the superpower of Russia in Afghanistan, but when they turn their attention to the other superpower then you get upset.

    But it’s something that they really set the dynamics for and trained people, armed them and given them the weapons. So you’ve given the weapons to ISIL in Syria and the same weapons end up in Iraq fighting allies of the American government.

    I think it’s arrogance and hubris that they think they can do it, but now they realize there is a real threat of blowback and terrorist attack especially if they’re British or American citizens who are trained at basically the defense of the Americans or the British and the Israelis and then they’re also going to resort to terrorism in their home countries.

    So that is a real possibility. And of course it happened with al-Qaeda. All-Qaeda really means the database. It was a data base of Islamic radicals that they want to use against Russia, against the Serbians in Bosnia and also ultimately against the Russians with their Muslim populations in Russia and Muslims in China as well.

    But it’s out of control and the blowback was perhaps the destruction of the American ship, the attack on 9/11, which there is a number of different theories for, but it is the basic theory held by the American government.

    It’s blowback and they are getting bitten by a snake of their own creation and that is the irony. Arrogance on the part of these CIA planners that think they can do this and so control the situation when in fact they cannot.

    PressTV - Documents show al-Baghdadi trained by MOSSAD: HR attorney