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Disqualified Nawaz Sharif’s road journey to Lahore-Part 2


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Mar 4, 2017
Disqualified Nawaz Sharif’s road journey to Lahore-Part 2
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Asif Haroon Raja |

IK’s improper sarcasm
IK has sarcastically asked Nawaz Sharif that he should tell who signaled him to come on roads. Before NS answers his silly question, IK should first tell the nation who signaled him and TuQ to undertake a long march from Lahore to Islamabad in July 2014, assault the PTV building, Parliament, and PM House, stage a six-month sit-in at D-Chowk to paralyze the government and put people of twin cities to great inconvenience.

Judiciary had gained ascendancy over the parliament after its July 28 verdict but has come under pressure as a result of power show of NS and its credibility is under duress

IK should state who signaled rabble rouser TuQ to reach Lahore post haste and make it difficult for NS to enter Lahore on 9/10 August by staging a sit-in and blocking the entry road. TuQ had almost decided to do so but then sense prevailed and he changed his mind. He is also required to extend support to PTI candidate contesting NA-120 seat, the result of which will prognosticate the future political strength of PML-N and PTI.

IK had lost in May 2013 elections but he never reconciled to it despite the apex court ruling that elections were free and fair. His allegations were entirely based on suspicions and conjectures. NS is not reconciling with the apex court judgment based on controversial JIT report and he smells the conspiracy.

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NS says that he was not disqualified on account of corruption but on a frivolous charge of receiving the salary from the Capital FZE Dubai based Company owned by his son Hassan Nawaz of which he was a Chairman. NS says he was not convicted on charges made by the petitioners but was sentenced for not mentioning the salary he had not drawn, as ‘receivable’ (asset) in his 2013 income tax return. He has decided to seek a review petition and to request the chief justice to appoint a larger bench to hear his case.

Some queries/realities
While IK was never questioned as to why he has not reconciled with 2013 elections; NS is being ridiculed for not reconciling to the apex court judgment?

The way the sea of his supporters is welcoming him has dispelled the propaganda of PTI that he has lost his popularity

One may ask PTI leaders as to why they have got so upset over the road convoy led by a disqualified and powerless man. If according to them he is a highly unpopular and despised leader, then what is the worry? Let the people boo him. This road movie will give a clear glimpse of NS popularity or unpopularity.

Unlike IK, NS doesn’t intend to stage a prolonged sit-in or to lock down a city to cause inconvenience to the public. It will be a two to three days journey and will be undertaken peacefully.

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If IK has been holding public meetings for the last 3 years to convince the public that he was a clear winner in 2013 elections but he lost on account of massive rigging, why can’t NS present his case to the public that he has been wronged and the people’s mandate not respected?

IK despite being out of power, took the country for a ride all these years and made a mockery of all the state institutions including the Parliament, Election Commission and the SC, but was not obstructed, imprisoned or disqualified. While he left no stone unturned to boot out NS, the ruling regime refrained from deposing PTI government in KP despite constant coaxing by Fazlur Rahman. It also didn’t make any effort to block his politics of slander through social media.

With so-called electable PPP leaders with murky past record swamping PTI, the party has lost its trumped up credentials of being a party of cleans

NS was a democratically elected leader with a heavy mandate and had produced highly pleasing results in his 4-year rule. Not a single mega corruption scandal took place whereas there were dozens during PPP rule under Zardari. This is what has pained NS that in spite of his all-round performance which none can deny, he has been unseated from PM seat prematurely and disqualified for life under Articles 62 (1) (f), terming him as dishonest and untruthful.

The matter doesn’t end here. Several references have been sent to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against NS and his 3 children for trial and given a time frame to start the proceedings within 45 days and complete the trial in six months. On top of it, an SC judge has been mandated to supervise NAB’s progress which is unprecedented. Supervision of JIT by 3-Member Implementation Bench was also unparalleled.

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NS has strong reasons to suspect that the decision was predetermined and feels he has the right to present his case before the people who had voted him to power and still hold him in the highest esteem. He rightly says that he never committed a penny worth corruption throughout his 35-year political history.

Elites of Sindh notorious for corruption have saved themselves by framing their own accountability law to keep NAB at bay

He draws strength from the unity within the ranks of PML-N and the eyebrows raised by legal luminaries and analysts both inside and outside the country about the court’s decision. During his addresses on his way to Lahore, he may share his grouses with his supporters.

Views of Legal experts/analysts
Legal experts say as to why the SCB disqualified him for life on the findings of JIT when the respondents had raised so many objections against the biased attitude of JIT.

They ask as to why it announced the verdict without ascertaining the validity of references to the trial court, whether he was guilty or not? The nation would have been quite satisfied had a charge of corruption, or embezzlement or money laundering been proven against NS.

They ask as to what was the grave emergency to take this extreme decision at a time when the country was faced with grave internal and external dangers, it was getting ripe for an economic takeoff, and there were few months left for the next elections?

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Wasn’t a smooth political transition better for the growth of democracy than futilely trying to cure the cancer of corruption by axing one rich family?

Was it that the decision couldn’t be pended because the country was economically sinking as had happened in 2012/2013?

Or the ruling elite was callously gobbling up the resources and breaking all records of corruption as was done by the previous regime?

Or the country was on the verge of disintegration due to terrorism in FATA, Baluchistan, and Karachi as was the case in 2013?

Or the Constitution and rule of law were being compromised and there were wide scale nepotism and poor governance?

Or the regime had become a security risk similar to Memogate scandal in Oct 2011, and Altaf Hussain’s diatribe against Pakistan on August 22, 2016?

If NS had become a security risk owing to his suspected softness and closeness with India on account of business interests, he should have been disqualified on this charge and not on Iqama. But which leader has ever been punished on account of his/her ties with India?

If any of these fears were nonexistent, then should it be assumed that urgency of IK to seize power in a jiffy was considered as most pressing and in the national interest?

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Disqualified Nawaz Sharif’s road journey to Lahore-Part 2

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