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Discussing the QNET Scam



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Jan 4, 2021
As the title suggests, this thread is about the QNET scam - an investment fraud happening in Pakistan since 2013. QNET is a Hong Kong-based company that is scandalous in many countries including India, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. The company faces a ban in several countries and the founder of the scam-ridden company, Vijay Eswaran, has been declared an absconder in India. The fraud is worth multi-crores in India.

QNET's scam artists target their own close friends, colleagues, and family members to rob them of their money. The victims range from school-going students to graduates. The white-collar scam syndicate aims to thug you through the following:

A friend of yours, out of nowhere, will call you and tell you how their life has changed after starting a new business, and they've got amazing mentors who left the US and are here to make more entrepreneurs. He/she'll insist that you meet at a cafe or a coffee shop, where his so-called mentors are waiting, without even telling you the name of the business. When you'll compel them to share some details about the business, they'll tell you that they are running a franchising business - helping international brands enter into the Pakistani market.

Once you reach the cafe, they'll force you to transact an amount starting from Rs. 2-3 lacs with no limits, in the name of business investment, into the bank account of the friend who brought you there. If you don't have that much money, they'll force you to take a personal loan from friends and family, or ask for your share of family inheritance, claiming that it is a golden opportunity that should not be missed. They'll sell you false dreams of creating a global business empire worth billions of dollars in just 5 years.

You can google 'qnet scam' to decide for yourself.

Also, attaching the link to a really long article that I wrote on the QNET scam.

Read on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/qnet-scam-complete-story-rafey-iqbal-rahman/

Read on Medium: https://rafeyiqbalrahman.medium.com/qnet-scam-the-complete-story-63ebe7af5e6f

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