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Did Bangladesh Army finally select it's 155mm towed howitzer?

The Ronin

Mar 24, 2017
The Bangladesh Army was on final stage to procure one regiment of 155mm towed howitzer. On 24th February it issued a tender for huge amount of ammunitions for 155mm towed howitzer.

So a question arises, "Did army finalize the deal for 155mm howitzer?". If the answer is yes then next question is, "which one?".

It's notable that Bangladesh army also issued tender for 3500 HE ERFB BB rounds for it's Nora B-52 155mm howitzers in last month. Bangladesh issued tender for 155mm towed howitzer on 2017.

The issued invite to tender included a requirement that the new SPHs be transportable via fixed-wing airlifter, and requested that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide technical offers, pricing and manuals to the DGDP.

Currently, Bangladesh army has a total of 28 artillery regiments including 19 field regiments, 3 medium caliber regiments, 5 air defense regiments, and 1 self-propelled regiments using 56 M56A1 and 98 M56/L10A1 105mm howitzers, 110 Type 83 and 14 D-30 122mm field guns, 62 Type 59-1 130mm towed gun from China and 18 NORA B-52 152mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers from Serbia.

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