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Diary of a Social Butterfly

Discussion in 'Members Club' started by fatman17, May 13, 2009.

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    Apr 24, 2007
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    God safe us from the taliban. they are flogging, bombing, beheading their way from frontier to isloo, lahore and karachi. first we were all getting used to, keh chalo, they wont be any worst than PPP or PML but then they went and flogged that girl in the bazaar and took away houses and lands from rich people in swat and gave them to their followers. aunty pussy's sister-in-law's husband's uncle who lived in isloo and had a summer house with apple orchard in swat was taken over by the taliban and the poor man has died of heart. last nite in his sleep only. poor thing, he didn't find out until he couldn't wake up in the morning.
    "aunty pussy" i said, "when a person dies in his sleep, he dosn't find out about it until the next morning, isn't it?".
    "haan beta", she said, "how else"? "chalo", i said to aunty pussy, "respectful age to die, thrice married, seven children, lived a fulled life". "its when they took over his orchard and his house that broke his heart". aunty pussy said. apparantly, everybody had been telling him to sell the house and the orchard for months but he never listened. "the awami national party's won the elections" he hopped against hop."now things will be fine in the frontier". poor thing he never realised that the ANP didn't have a snowball's chance in hall since the army's paloing the taliban. all the politicians and the provincial govt are scared for their lives, and that's why they did the so-called peade deal with them. even i know that.
    But now they've come to punjab. yesterday at the coffee morning at mulloo's, everybody was talking about the taliban and nothing else. the corpse commander's wife was here too."should we leave now"? mulloo asked her, thinking that ofcourse she'd know."i'm not deserting my country in hour of need" she said."even though my shiseido mascara has dried up, my YSL rouge eclair is finished and my bras have become dheela, size Allah ka shukar is still same but elastic's gone and my shoes are looking so last year"
    They're so patriotic these army types and their wives. they're also so khasta peeta, janoo says having khaoed and peeod pakistan for 60 years. the crore commander's wife then told us that her hubby's building a special bunker in the cantonment for the officers, their friends and families. "its going to have stand up ACs and generators and cable TV and countless phone lines and marble bathrooms and jacuzzis" she said. "you're all wellcome when the taliban come to lahore"
    Hai, what a relieve!:partay:

    friday times.
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    May 20, 2008
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    Taliban coming to the "Zinda dilon ka Shehr" Lahore:woot: