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DG FIA submits resignation

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    DG FIA submits resignation
    Updated at 1230 PST Thursday, March 10, 2011
    Tahir Khalil
    ISLAMABAD: Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Waseem Ahmad, has dispatched his resignation to the Interior Ministry, seeking to shed his responsibilities. According to sources, the government has not taken any decision on his application yet.

    Official sources said Waseem Ahmad would hold talks with his Indian and US counterparts on Indo-Pak strategic talks on March 28 and Pak-US talks next month respectively on important issues of national security as a member of the Pakistan delegation. Therefore, it is not possible to relieve him of responsibilities forthwith.

    The sources said the government was also making a request to the Supreme Court that Waseem Ahmad should be given 45 days time so that he could perform his job related to national security.
    DG FIA submits resignation