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Defining Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 21st century


Nov 20, 2016
Since my childhood i was told that the very meaning of Pakistan is: LA ILAHA ILLALLAH.

So naturally i expected this to be true. Spoiler it is not.

For the first 30 years Pakistani society enjoyed everything that the west had to offer at the time, we used to have bars, discos, cinemas etc...
Then Gen Zia became President, and everything changed at that time the society witnessed a complete radicalization, proudly financed by Al-Sauds.
After 9/11 Pakistani leadership decided to join the War on Terror, this time half of pakistani society was "brainwashed" by foreign founded media and entertainment industry to resemble more like a bunch of morons, who can't even decide what's wrong and what's good. Meanwhile the other half, again proudly financed by Al-Sauds and Co. were told to bring the Fear of Allah into the hearts of enemy, aka, the other half.
All this confusion and uncontrolled foreign interference resulted in more then 70.000 Pakistani killed, we are still counting, and 100 bilion dollar loss to our economy.

While all this was happening our rival, India, joined the hands with USA, Al-Sauds and Co. to bring more fitna inside Pakistan. It took mere 80 F-16 to keep us happy, while the indians got every economic treaty they could get with all major economies. While our leadership and business elite were asleep, indians got FDI. While our youngster were busy deciding whether they should join a madrassa or a college, indian students got easy access to all major education institutes on earth.

Today if anyone, outside Pakistan, searchs for news from Pakistan all they get are some indian written articles describing Pakistan as a Failed State.

To anyone seeing this from outside one thing is not clear. We had a great start with some of the best people we could ever get to work for us, WHAT HAPPENED TO US? DID WE LOST THE PATH TO "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH"?

The answer to this is very simple, we deserve everything that is happening to us.
Prior the years to the creation of Pakistan, all major WADERAS, CHAUDRYS OF PANJUB etc..
promised their support to M.A. Jinnah, but he was an intelligent and far sighted man, he knew that if he really wanted to give us independence, he had to get rid of all these people wich otherwise will never allow the common man to be "free". But unfortunately he died, and in less then a decade his most trustworthy team members were either killed or made to leave the country. The newly created Pakistan Army, took the charge of the State, with complete support from Waderas and Chaudrys. While the army was busy fighting indians and afghanis, silently the burocracy was filled with incompetent and unqualified scum. With time generals came to power, each time "asking" the permission from Waderas and Chaudrys, allowing them to have stakes in Government es. Nawaz Sharif C.M of Punjab, Bhutto F.M.

These people literally sold thier souls to devil, USA, Al-Sauds and Co, to stay in power. They knowingly allowed foreign interference in our culture and heritage. They destroyed the ability of Pakistani peope to choose good from evil. Some recent exmples of this brainwashing can be seen during the court hearing of corrupts and traitors who welcomed with flowers.

I have seen news channel showing interviews with these scums instead of reporting a shaheed. And whoever nation forgets their martyrs are bound to fail no matter what.

Personally i think our new generation cannot distinguish good from evil, so they are also bound to fail. I see to many youngsters wasting their lives doing nothing, waiting some miracle to happen.

Please let me know if you agree with me or you have some other perspective.


Mar 2, 2018
A very enlightening writing for me. However, the main thing that caught my attention is that external factors are in an intricate structure with internal dynamics. So can we say that the impact of Pakistan-China(although at a somewhat lower level, I'm also curious about Pak-Turk relationships' future) relations in the security bureaucracy and elites differs positively from the other two examples? Or is there a similar relationship facility?

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