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days when Afghanistan was used by others as so-called "strategic depth" are over : India At UN


May 29, 2012
United Kingdom
Yet here we are, taking blows after blows. I rather be the loser India is in this situation than the so called winner that Pakistan is.

That's because your dum,,, the strategic threat from the US/NATO, A afghan Republic intent on working with India and pashtun nationalists to hurt us and India who had 20 years of plotting and planning was FAR FAR FAR GREATER

That threat had to be destroyed whatever the outcome, and it was

The fall out thus far has been reasonable and expected and we can expect this for a few more years whilst we mop up our enemies, however much our enemies can hurt us we can ruin and destroy their lives

is now a new challenge for Pakistan to deal with Taliban................................. You can not blame on any other country, whatever is the situation now " Pakistan itself is responsible"... you only chose this option and no one forced it

Afghan Republic forced it upon us by not respecting Pakistans interests and plotting with India against us

India forced it upon us by 20 years of plotting and planning against us in Afghanistan

USA forced it upon us when they were unconcerned about our issues with what India and the Afghan Republic were doing

If USA had understood, slapped the afghans out of their stupidity, and told them to knock off their nonsense and told kept India to a trade relationship non of this would have happened


Aug 3, 2008
People sitting inside Pakistan have no clue the disdain and hatred the Afghans have for Pakistan purely due to the fact that the Afghans blame Pakistani Generals for the destruction of their country for 4-decades. Due to the greed of Military and Financial aid, the Pakistani Generals actively participated in this destruction with US support.

They have point. Pakistani Generals have now also turned their guns on Pakistani population through their ISI thugs. It's a rouge army.


Nov 30, 2016
The Indians are very confused. Their entire Afghan terror policy against Pakistan has failed miserably after US/NATO left high and dry. After all, the Indians used US/NATO shoulders to fire the gun at Pakistan. For a good 20 years the Indians were sowing bloodshed and terror through their Afghan consulates. The Indians had to pack their bags and leave with tears in eyes.

Now all there is left is a partnership with TTP and Afghan Taliban for Hindustan LOL Suddenly the Afghan Taliban are the best buddies of Modi regime. Here comes the difficult part for India. Afghanistan is landlocked and Pakistan holds all the keys. These miserable Indians think that Afghan Taliban are Pakistani asset and friends LMAO All Afghans are a gun for hire including Afghan Taliban. That is what they have always been. If the Afghan Taliban show arrogance we have the right medicine in place. Hindujtan cannot save TTP and Afghan Taliban.
they did not left Afghanistan with tear in eyes, instead they left Afghanistan after paying hefty protection money to Taliban, (reported by The Hindu, will post here once i get it from my archive, as it is dump somewhere in folders)

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