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Damen delivers 2nd patrol boat to Jamaican Defence Force


Apr 28, 2011

Damen SPa 4207, the second of four Damen vessels on order for the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard, has been handed over in Kingston, Jamaica.

The SPa 4207 was loaded in Hai Phong Harbour in June 2021. COVID measures prevented Damen’s heavy lift team from being present to supervise its loading, but a local team was called upon to ensure the vessel was carefully loaded and properly secured.

On the morning of its arrival, the JDF’s new vessel was offloaded and, with a support fleet of smaller craft, was delivered to its base nearby. Due to changes in travel restrictions, Rimmert Berlijn, Service Coordinator, Delivery, Damen Heavy Lift, was able to safely travel to Jamaica to coordinate the logistics and supervise the offload.

“The successful delivery of this vessel really came down to teamwork, collaboration, and everybody’s willingness to be flexible in finding solutions to the challenges of these times,” Berlijn stated.

“We are very pleased to have completed this latest project for the JDF,” said Bram van der Plas, Damen’s Sales Manager, Caribbean. “The delivery of this vessel demonstrated the collaboration between and the adaptability of both the JDF and the Damen organizations.

The four-vessel contract between Damen and the JDF saw the delivery of FCS 5009 Patrol in 2020. Another SPa 4207 and a second FCS 5009 Patrol will be delivered in the years to come.

Damen delivers 2nd patrol boat to Jamaican Defence Force - Naval Today


Jul 18, 2021

I just chose this random thread to reply to you because I have been accused of overstaying in that thread at times😁

Regional alliance I mean why not.. I will like to dive little bit deeper on that subject regarding the economy and why it is the most dangerous topic around the world. Here is the unaltered truth.

As you may know you see tensions here and there today but the truth is nobody would fight each other that is the hard cold truth example Pakistan-India despite border tensions at times or media war of words they will never fight each other in actual truth unless the economy goes on both ends or on one end that is just the truth they could just sit there infront of each other god knows how long next 30-40 years and maybe even more until the world economy somehow tanks one day.

Example I was seeing someone the other day posting here and celebrating an article title ''China's economy has collapsed due to Evergrande tanking'' Some low level layman indians celebrated as if this was great news but they couldn't be more wrong the worst thing and the most dangerous thing that can happened to the world today is China's economy collapsing overnight and the next tomorrow they will declare war and everyone will be sweating oh shit god please don't make me the next target. They will have nothing to lose the chinese at that point and will come out full force.

Example you see SCS tension or UK sending warships here and there but the truth is China, Uk or the US nor anyone in the area wants war or will go to war like ever as long as trade continues and flows and the World economy is intact.

Example we have seen Iran-Azerbaijan tensions but they will never go to war unless both have nothing to lose and the same with KSA and Iran etc etc. Example the Saudis and UAE wanted to invade Qatar back in the gulf crisis but were warned to stand down by their military generals and experts as it would have damaged their infras and population centers because Qatar is not Yemen it bags an incredible punch and has the ability to target their population centers and skyscrappers etc etc hence they just chose blockade instead at the end. A military treeshold confrontation was not optional with Qatar unless it was last resort meaning if they were cornered by Qatar which was not gonna happen.

The Reason world politics functions like this is because everyone has a functioning economy and is satisfied nobody is going hungry and thriving economies while some may have it better than others but the world economy is thriving hence there is to much to lose for everyone in larger military confrontations or miscalculations.

Example Russia will never advance further into Ukraine unless the economy tanks that is when Russia will mount an offensive on Ukraine etc etc because in this current status Russia has alot to lose and would take huge casualities and material loss including economical loss.

So everything comes down to the economy. There is peace today in 99% of the world because of the world economy.. But once that goes it opens the door for hell fire to enter the world in the flesh for a good 8-10 years period and it will become a biblical proportion scale when it happens because everyone will be a participant because they would have no choice either die off hunger or fight where 99% will chose the later except few far away islands with low population could escape unscattered surviving only on fish while the world lays in nuclear winter waste.

In my honest opinion the world economy will not crash just due to some companies or real state bubbles crashing no and fat no... And why do I say no because the world will intervene and bump money into it because the economy is artificial and mankind won't allow a collapse collectively because it is the collective interest of everyone but but 3 things can decide this where humans will have no say in it which I believe will become the real reason the economy will crash unexpectedly one day.

1. An Asteriod unexpectedly landing one morning will crash the world economy and cause huge human disaster (as per Prophecies this will be the final coffin in the nail for the world economy and you know what follows after that)

2. A huge volcano eruption enough to cause a massive nuclear winter which has happened many times in the past in that magnitude

3. Climate change if things become erratic enough to damage food crops this will crash the economy
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