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Cyber attack with another stuxnet like virus behind Ethiopian 737 crash ?

Discussion in 'Pakistan's Internal Security' started by Mega_Man, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Another stuxnet virus ? How it's connected to Boeing 737 ? Did the cyber attack on Venezuela power grid causes Ethiopian flight crash ? White hat hacker wick3489 alias from south America, reported.
    To sabotage the electric grid of Venezuela they(we all know who) created a virus just like they did to destroy centrifuges in lran it was deployed through another flight which destroyed the firewall of their air control servers then later starts infecting everything even NVR/DVRs. Not only 737 but entire Boeing is at risk right now. But this time virus didn't stop there, it's self replicating, social media servers are also effected, few satellites are also out of their routine,
    What to do.
    CCTV cameras are a door for stalkers and hacker as they are vulnerable for noob intrusions. Hide your phone's and PCs front cams, or both. Disable and mock your location to somewhere else. Don't use self driving vehicles, use vpn services, better to not use your primary PC, avoid unnecessary traveling, stay safe.
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