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Crime against history

Discussion in 'Military Forum' started by Major Shaitan Singh, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Who suffer the most in the war? Civilians and historical monuments ....! To some extent I can understand the destruction of the monument when he was on the battlefield, as happened for example in the Saur-grave. But to deliberately and purposefully? Other than barbarism is anything but! Heading to Europe, the first thing to do're coming out of steel, barbarians, it began to demolish monuments. In particular Lenin. Than I. stop them - I did not understand. But the Nazi-Bandera beasts did not stop! The victims were even monuments of science and technology. Thus, until recently, as if in a museum at Kamenetz-Podolsk Military Engineering Institute were exhibited unique because of its rarity fighting vehicles - tanks T-54 issues in 1948 and T-72 Release 1973 (pre-production machine). Last was unique in Kharkov tower, modified by Tagil AZ.

    Tank T-72 release, 1973 in Kamenetz-Podolsk. Photo M.Saenko.

    A characteristic feature of the item and - retreaded "hernia" under the lifting mechanism cassettes AZ Tagil type


    These machines were produced little, and remained even less. In order to prevent the possibility of standing rumors and innuendo, to remind some of the figures for the production of these machines:
    tank "Object 172" - 1968-69gg. - 17 pcs. experienced
    tank "Object 173" - 1968-69gg. - 3 pcs. experienced

    tank "Object 172M"
    - 1970. - 3 pcs. experienced + 1 layout
    - 1971. - 3 pcs. experienced + 15 pcs. on the military tests
    - 1972. - 9 pcs. installation + 10pc. on the military tests
    - 1973. - 30 pcs. Branch series
    tank "Object 172-2M" ROC "Buffalo" - 1971-74gg - 8 pcs. (Alteration of experienced ob.172M)
    T-72 serial - 1974. - 220 pcs. + 3 commander

    In this case, on the production of T-72 turret with "hernia" were set up to about February and March inclusive. Next came 172 th regular cast towers in Chelyabinsk on SOA (plant №200, now "Stankomash"), but some of them, at least as early as April's exactly installed on the roof of 434-th machine (antenna input Front commander hatch), with a hole for the antenna input brewing. I would like to mention a number of interesting experimental machines:
    tank "Object 172-3M" - 1975-76gg. - 1 pc. (Maybe 2?)
    tank "Object 175" (T-76 "Ural-1")
    - 1975. - 3 pcs. experienced (alteration of the T-72 series)
    - 1976. - 5 pieces. experienced + 5 pcs. for endurance tests

    but to the subject they have no bearing on them - just give for common development.
    Thus, Kamenetz-Podolsk tank T-72 release in 1973 - is not the "first" or even the "seventh" as some are now writing in social networks, and "buffalo" is irrelevant. However, this does not detract from its value for the history of technology - those towers "hernia" that survived are no longer in the native packages. Examples of this tank in Victory Park Chelyabinsk (Building 1975) or vehicle at the site of the PCF NTIMT (case 1989). In the Kamenetz-Podolsk, everything was familiar and in a good state of preservation. This machine would stand there at the show and on, but some idiot she prevented. Dragged her to Yavoriv polygon set as a target and shot! How be it another "iron" was not found ...
    "Semdesyatdvoyka" after the execution of dill. Stock Facebook page Mykola Salomahi aka Nick

    The serial number on the case says that he released in December 1973 in Nizhny Tagil and the service twice undergoing renovations
    From the hopelessness that they on the first "semdesyatdvoykoy" bullied? Win T-72B novorosskih militias guts, so it is visible on the "defenseless" tank all their barbaric rage and vented. Well, you do not need this tank was - SOLD! I know at least three museums in Russia, where they could consider the possibility of such an acquisition, not to mention the museums or private traders in the same Europe. In general, neither myself nor the people ... Scary! Tell me that's what these Bandera differ from Taliban fighters or LIH in culturological terms? Yes, apparently, absolutely nothing - one and the same stage of degeneration - twins. Some statues of Buddha explode, others krushat sculpture of Sumer and Mesopotamia, and others ... read above. Take Europe Harney hloptsiv in his arms - the Eiffel Tower so disfigures the face of Paris!

    PS At the risk of running into conflict with the "Uralvagonzavod", but I can not say that the ambitions of the preservation of historical memory in this enterprise a lot, but the real work is not enough! And they come with a scratch because many just too lazy to move. I was asked to give information about interesting exhibits - I find and inform. Give advice on how to effectively and quickly pull them. But ... no one is listening, and then they throw up their hands and begin to swing and shout guard when these same artifacts are in the hands of others, if not disappear Martin. On UVZ stubbornly refuse to accept the experience of neighbors with UMMC (Pyshma), where work on the acquisition and restoration carried out comprehensively and purposefully - there for this purpose each year in the budget of the enterprise as a separate line prescribed vestma significant amount, and in the case of urgent need of money allocated from the reserve Foundation director general. Mr. Kozitsina interest on the face, but not so on Siyenko. I would like to just kick a little guidance and created under the patronage of the Minister of Defense "Park" Victory "in Kubinka. Last year, I got a call the person in charge of this topic in the office of the First Deputy Defense and just asked to be informed about interesting natural exhibits. We agreed to cooperate and agreed that with me will be contacted by e-mail, but after a conversation, or repeated calls, no letters never came ... well seen by him as necessary ... However, we hope that in Russia the preservation of the past will still be move and develop in a positive way.