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creating peace and getting rid of mess

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Jul 3, 2010
hello mods,

i love this forum and im worrying where its heading...

in past few weaks, the trolling of indian members have been intensified, they are now swarming the forum and openly using abusive languages to troll on pakistan and islam. countless indians are using false flags to hide their identity and troll, i suggest the mods to keep a special attention of indian IPs and ban the fake IPs immediately, otherwise this forum will soon turn into a trash of vulgar indian posts. thanks.. or i would rather suggest all indians be suspended on temporary bases so that mods take a good time to clear the mess and we will have a new beginning, it will create peace and harmony in the forum, these immediate actions are heavily needed, hope you people take successful steps to purify this forum, good luck!!!

i appreciate the freedom of speech but it must not include sarcastic insults, direct/indirect insult to pakistan or pakistan, showing us that some how we or our country is inferior, and specific thread opened to indirectly hit pakistan and degrade us

indians are now trying to dectate us some how.. they are beginning to think this is their bharat forum

stricter rules should be introduced to all members indian or pakistan so that they respect each other than anything

i also suggest mods to spend more time in forum..
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