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‘Corrupt mafia’ teaming up to save looted wealth: PM on opposition-led APC


Oct 2, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Terming the opposition’s APC a bid to sabotage the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the corrupt mafia has gathered once again to try and harm the development course.

The Prime Minister said the only motive of the mafia (opposition) assembling together for All Parties Conference is to fleece the country. However, he asserted that the mafia will not succeed ever again.

PM Khan said that his government is a vanguard for the geographical and ideological fundamentals of the country and that the purpose of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf government is to transform Pakistani society into that of State of Madina.

He noted that the enemies of the country are struggling to weaken the country and wane its development, referring to the opposition APC convened tomorrow.

Recalling the recent sectarian slurs and attempts to fan the sectarian fire, the PM stated that spreading sectarian hatred and conflicts to carry out its business is the old trick of the enemy.

On the Financial Action Task Force related legislation whose passage came to pass recently, he said a significant step towards anti-money laundering was a defeat for the opposition.

“We will convene joint parliamentary sessions for each significant legislation if necessary.”

“The anti-state agenda and motives of the opposition have become evident now,” the PM noted.

“The country is growing and pacing in the right direction and the journey for its prosperity has just begun and since the mafia cannot digest it, they have assembled to sabotage it.”

He stated there will be accountability and it will be across the board and indiscriminate.



Sep 8, 2009
Enemies of Pakistan , who call themselves APC , will not mind hurting Pakistan for 2-3 years , in order to come back to power in aftermath

Game Play

1. Ethnic Kings of State with in a state , Bilawal , the Zardaris , the Bhuttos , the Yello Pag wala and many 1 seat holder are joining hands out of necessity to prevent correction of constitution and removal of corruption from Pakistan

2. The Lawyer Tola is now in synch with the Corrupt Salary provider , because after the FATF bill this group who were the main beneficiary of Money , in order to control assets for the corrupt will be under detailed scrutiny. They won't be able to setup mysterious companies , and buy property under their corrupt master's names overseas or control it from Pakistan or overseas on behalf of their masters

3- The Oversea bank accounts and properties of these corrupt mafia specially the lawyers will be under watch once it is identified they are working for a corrupt politician

4- The Media will spread up or drum up stories of Death , Destruction , Rape and Killing with greater intensity in order to demoralize the people of Pakistan into believing that even the death angel is standing outside their home's doors

5- The Forces from outside have guaranteed the corrupt that they will get money support in order to bring their friends back in power in Pakistan , and in case they need a second home to escape they can always count on them

6- The moment the police reforms began by changing of Police Heads in Pakistani Police force , the corrupt started to fear the moment the average police man will be able to drag the corrupt into police van instead of giving them a Salami

7- Recent ruling of order to drag Nawaz Sharif from UK and put handcuffs on him and bring him back to Pakistan has sent waves of shock in the backsides of crooks
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Techy Hassan

Dec 5, 2016
It can be a formation of grand MQM style alliance this time covering whole sindh and punjab. Nawaz Sharif being another Altaf Hussain and criminals all over punjab and sindh united causing extreme law and order situation in country. with killings and rapes... by police and non police. world cannot see Pakistan breaking the shakles

Pakistan Space Agency

Apr 22, 2019
United Kingdom
Who is stopping PM Imran Khan from setting NAB lose on Cheeni Chor Jehangir Tareen, Aata Chor and General Corrupt Saleem Bajwa?

Is he scared of them or has he taken bribes to protect them from NAB?

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