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Cornered Tigers : Pakistan

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    Pakistan in 2019, face extraordinary challenges these challenges are of many shapes
    Economic, Social, Terrorism, War possibilities with India, Regional Politics, lack of Taxes paid by Local Population, city management neglect in Karachi and Rising Crimes inside Pakistan.
    Threats against CPEC and Psychological war on Social Media

    But Pakistan continues to fight !!! Like a Tiger

    Pakistan in 2019, is cornered many say, a cornered Tiger

    When Prime Minister Imran Khan, came to helm the nation finally had felt that finally we have elected a man, who has a clean character and morally he was on a high ground. He formed his team and began to work, starting with tackling the economic issues and establishing strong foreign relations (China, Middle east Saudia, UAE, Qatar , Iran , Malaysia , USA , UK)

    Threat from Rouge Political Parties
    However there is a feeling that Pakistani Themselves are the biggest threat to our own National Security, let's look at the criminal cases against PML-N and PPP, which are brought by the Independent National Institute of NAB. Various cases have been initiated and the Political parties involved have started their own internal campaign to discredit (courts and accountability bureaus). Their negative Rhetoric is harming Pakistan's National Interest on a grand scale. If such cases were brought against people in Western World , the people involved would have just stood down and left the Political Party. However, that is one of the biggest challenges Pakistan faces that the guilty parties inside Pakistan consider themselves innocent even when Billions are found from their homes and stashed away lockers. The criminal elements use the Political platform in order to rise up resistance (Ethnic cries for foul play, as is the case with Sindh and PPP).

    1 seat Pony Fazul Aurrahman is also one emerging threat to Pakistan looking for self-interest instead of showing solidarity with Pakistan and Kashmir, he can be viewed carrying live weapons (AK-47) on TV channels and looking quite comical with his demands considering everyone in the country finds him as an Oppurtunitic rat who is looking for handouts from PML-N and PPP

    Need for More Administrative zones and disbanding of Provincial lines
    The Ethnic claims of the region or territory has no merit inside Pakistan because once you hold the green Passport you are 100% Pakistani. The quota systems for job has created a culture of "Expectation" that you are expected to get stuff handed to you on a platter just because you were born in a certain part of province. Pakistan has 4-5 major Provincial regions, and perhaps the time has arose to bring down the walls and create 18-40 smaller constituencies similar to Japan. The Tiny Nation of Japan has almost 42 small manageable regions, and every sector is developed equally they have similar schools, similar hospitals, and similar railways service


    Clearly, once we examine the Japanese map we can clearly see there is no focus on Ethnicity but the regions are merely administrative areas and Japanese citizens can move freely in all these areas. Because the quality of cities is equal population is evenly distributed and not just congested to 1-2 cities as is the case in Pakistan with Karachi and Lahore.

    Threat from Terrorism
    After successful operation by Pakistan Military, and boarding of the fence with Afghanistan the critical inflow of questionable elements from outside has been neutralized. However, there are always the possibility of Loan wolves

    But Pakistan is now 100% in control, with beefed-up security even in Baluchistan and more and more military bases are being set up in order to not allow Trouble makers to cause disturbances.

    The strength of Anti Terrorism operation will only improve as more Helicopter gunships will arrive and also APC protective vehicles availability for soldiers working along the Line of control

    The most recent threat which emerged has been PTM, but their narrative has been destroyed after FATA was fully merged into Pakistan and provided 100% protection under Pakistani Constitution

    Even USA recently admitted to the positive Role Pakistan played against Terrorist elements from Afghanistan

    USA Pakistan are discussing the release of 10 Billion in past payment due to Pakistan Military and of course release of this fund will enable Pakistan to be better equipped to face terrorism threats

    Economy & Taxes :
    When Prime Minister Imran Khan came to the Government control room, his ministers, of course, run the alarm bells around the economy because PML-N had done every imaginable negative action prior to departing. PML-N had no planning done for repayment of the debt, they had given lucrative bonuses to workers before departing and extraordinarily they announced the budget before the change of government. In most countries of the world, it is unimaginable that a government that is standing down would announce a budget instead of a Political Party which has won elections. The impact of that hasty budget was funded may have been released which have not been investigated and reviewed by incoming government officials and it basically created a hardship for new financial Ministers

    However, to give credit to Imran Khan's Government, Immediate visits were made to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar in order to develop some form of an economic package that could help Pakistan in the Short term. Similarly, All-weather friend China stepped in to help Pakistan. Together with International Support (our friendly nations), Pakistan managed to secure IMF, loan in order to buy time to fix our Taxation, and revenue model. And also many stalled projects such as the Water Dam projects got the green light to commence construction.

    The government of Pakistan fully deserves its accolades for its political maneuvers in order to stabilize the economic ship. New reforms were launched in order to improve FBR performance and raise awareness in people why they should pay taxes. The tax net was expanded internally and externally to show benefits to Taxpayers in order to file taxes.

    One question element which emerged was while Saudia Arabia promised, Oil on credit for 3 years to Pakistan the supply did not start until Pakistan, was forced to deal with IMF. It may have been left unnoticed by many people, however, Saudia only recently started to provide Pakistan with Credit oil. This lingering small detail has bothered me a bit however IMF deal was eventually signed

    The oil on credit deal has started to make an impact as we see Government deficits start to reduce

    Threat of Mismanagement of City (Karachi) & Rising Crime

    A new threat has emerged recently, and that is neglect of the City's operation by governing bodies. An ongoing struggle between the Federal Government and the Provincial body (PPP)
    about exactly what needs to be done about Mega-City Karachi, and why it is in an unmanageable state. Credit is due where it should be given

    Imran khan's government gave record 7.5 Billion Dollar budget to Sindh which included Karachi's share. That was followed up by an additional 1.5 Billion dollar to Karachi alone
    However, Sindh's governing body still showed negligence and none capacity to solve the issues for Mega City Karachi.

    Constitution of Pakistan ensures Rights of Citizens are protected if Sindh Government can't fix issues then the Federal Government has 100% authority to step in and provide help

    And this is where we go back to ground zero, when Sindh Government or the ethnic politics come into factor the sense of "Expectation" and "Rights" . Claims that as Sindhi I have more rights vs None Sindh without factoring in the real issue.

    The real issue is we need to identify ourselves as Pakistanis only, Federal help should be accepted by Sindh body. Because your passport and citizenship card says "Citizen of Pakistan"

    It is time Pakistani Institutes start to punish Treasonous statements against Pakistan in order to control, politicians who are having their assets contested for corruption. Or at least a Media ban needs to be imposed until the courts declare the folks innocent

    External Threat from India

    February 27th Pakistan responded to escalation from the Indian side on Line of control by knocking out two of their fighter Jets and capturing a pilot alive.

    This even may have inadvertently given an edge to BJP to come to power using the Anti Pakistan Card. Which is why we see them escorting Abhinandan all around like a guy who just landed on the moon (we know he is no hero and they crashed on moon). Hindu extremist party had been hoping of some form of escalation on the border, so it can play the Pakistan card, to gain votes. The February 27th response was exactly what the Hindu were hoping prior to elections.

    Another important aspect to consider is that they hid away their heavy fighter jets and only experimented with the Mig 21 for that purpose, lose few assets but rally up anti-Pakistan sentiment to win elections

    The next phase of threat realized after BJP (Hindutva racist party) attacked Kashmir and locked up the region, and unilaterally revoked various Human Rights which Kashmir was entitled to under the 1947 agreements for ceasefire

    Again credit is due, both Military and Government of Pakistan worked together to keep the fort secured

    Pakistan launched massive Diplomatic effort in order to raise the issue of Kashmir globally and Pakistan's Military took and aggressive stance at Border

    The dynamics of the Possibility of war with India continue to evolve
    But Miliatry , Airfore and Navy are up to the challenge

    Threat Against CPEC

    CPEC is a major economic project which is happening in Gwadar, and of course, it also faces many threats, new players are continuously emerging who have interest or stake

    • The political instability in Hong Kong has been the latest threat to CPEC as it targets China and same time offensive was launched in Kashmir, the two incidents can't be mere coincidence
    • French has opened up their bases in UAE, which is an alarming sign as they are well-known colonists and they also are forging their own "CPEC like" routes with the latest route being opened involving Viet Nam. France is pushing for all trades to go thru its own route and they are also setting up a railway track to connect to china
    • French also happen to be closely involved with arming up India with Rafale fighter jets and recently interested to sell a weapon of mass destruction to India (Nuclear Submarine)
    • The recent awarding of medals to Modi by middle eastern nations perhaps was a soft gesture which had anti-CPEC undertones, no full condemnation came from Middle east against Indian atrocities in Kashmir
    Indian desire to annex Kashmir has set alarm bells in China, and Pakistan and surely Indians will get strongest of response when time is ideal

    However, on a positive note, CPEC has fast-tracked and many European nations have shown interest in the country to country-level to benefit from CPEC.

    However, CPEC/Gawadar, need better management, so that it does not turn into another Karachi

    Attainment of 4-8 Destroyer Navy Ships is must for CPEC protection

    Psychological war on Social Media against Pakistan

    In modern times social media is a spreader of news, rumors, and news which is not published by mainstream news channels.

    However, as most of the social media centers are controlled by Western Corporations and their support is mostly outsourced to Indians and Israeli favored workers, it is becoming very obvious

    The recent news of Amazon, to do all their shipping for the Middle East from Israel is an open indication. Similarly Google, Microsoft Azure have their support centers all based on India

    The TV channels are quite focused to run anti-Pakistan news at Prime Time while ignoring Kashmir, even when they do bring in the Kashmir topic it never highlights Indian military's annexation of Hyderabad, Goa, and Junagarh

    The so-called false flag of Mumbai is routinely brought up in news in order to wrongly connect the ties back to Pakistan.

    Because the Islamic countries or Pakistan don't really have our own version of Social media this creates a massive problem that anti-Pakistan news effects the psychology of Younger audiences

    • Social Media Weapon was used against Turkey, immediately after they jumped into war in Syria, as everywhere you looked there was anti-Turkey news
    • The social media weapon is routinely used against Turkey-Saudi ties
    • Iran is also a popular target of social media weapon (fake news)
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    A cornered tiger fights back!!! A complacent tiger eats to the heart’s content, makes love and goes to sleep....
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    I think one-way establishment can regain some composure is with 3 day fast trial of all political NAB cases and elimination of folks like Fazalurahman, send him to Mecca for long Hajj

    • Criminal Cases against political fish should be concluded in 3-5 day tribunal
    • Special notice should be taken against people threatening the System
    • Attendance should be made mandatory in Parliament , in order to maintain seat
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