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Confidential information of NBR in the hands of rival Vietnam


Dec 14, 2008
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Confidential information of NBR in the hands of rival Vietnam
22 Sep, 2020

All the confidential information of the taxpayers is now in the hands of Vietnam, one of the rivals of Bangladesh. The government's implementation monitoring and evaluation department has the information. In addition, Vietnam completed the project with 11 security risks and 29 weaknesses, but they have been paid in full for the project. However, the Board of Revenue says there is no such risk.
Vietnam is Bangladesh's biggest competitor in the readymade garment export market. The country is a competitor in many more branches of trade.
However, Vietnam is now in control of all the top secret information of the country's taxpayers. Incredibly, this is what happened in the NBR's Government Management Strengthening Project-SGMP.
"They have a heart project in our revenue," said Planning Minister MA Mannan.
Recently, the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Planning released a report on the IMED project. That being said, the project has 11 risks and 29 weaknesses. It ended in 2016, but FPT Corporation, a Vietnam-based IT company, still did not explain it to the National Board of Revenue. Even then the entire bill for the software has been paid.
However, the NBR is calling IMED's report wrong. Hafiz Ahmed Murshed, a member of the National Board of Revenue, said the Vietnamese company would not do so even if it had access to the database.
Planning Minister MA Mannan is angry over the issue. Said, nothing happened as requested. Rather money has been wasted.
The SGMP project, which was supposed to be completed in December 2013, was approved in 2011 at a cost of Tk 7.96 crore. After seven years of three amendments, the NBR ended in June 2017.


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