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confession + status update of fixing the world of it's problems...

Discussion in 'World Affairs' started by PeaceGen, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Jun 2, 2012
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    status update, for as much i feel safe is releasing today....

    - Assad might be a bastard truly worth the same treatment as barrel-bombing from helicopter the people asking via demonstrations just for a better paycheck,
    situation's changed... i have a better solution for you than revenge... consider this :

    - Assad with his Russian support with their first naval base from the fairly precious naval base (100 years, old, also built by Russia) in the sea protecting Russian soil and these days Eastern-Ukrainian soils from not having a bigger better 4-lane normal highway supply route all the way from edge of Moscow in a efficient route to supply not only bombs as ammo for their 100-year-old naval base somewhere in the Crimea,
    thus protecting all of Russia (even Western-Ukraine in events that might happen 10+ years from now),
    from invasion by forces entering via the Canal linking Turkey to the Med.

    - Thanks to their efforts that do go against normal western moral values, they now have an equally precious naval base in the area of Syria that Assad and his fans, now find the unique opportunity to get the demonstrations bigger and better housing, but still built quite cheaply by the Chinese with their built-and-road-initiative producing interesting and very useful 2-lane highway equipment, which can be searched for at google image search, which i happen to read at this very useful forum here at defence.pk about,
    giving both Assad, the Russians, a reason to not only regain their honor and usefulness to the entire populations of the region called Syria, but also in Crimea, Turkey, and even Israel and Palestine are better off according to where the world is heading to at the moment.
    As all pro's know, the worst thing is revealing so much about future plans that they can be prevented by those who shouldn't (also known as, aka, your enemies).

    - The proverbial 2100+1 bases that are precious assets with lots of hardware investment value by the Americans, now are scheduled for a new naval base on one of the smaller islands in the Med (probably somewhere near Italy).

    - As someone who knows the Americans like someone studying just about everything to the degree needed, i'm telling you. That base of the Americans, just another one around the world, is more about giving the Russians plenty of reasons to keep their base in their base.
    It's a valuable lesson for the new China arms industry currently producing things like railguns.

    - It's wise for the people over in Taiwan to consider themselves worthy of demonstrations like happened in Hong Kong, but my opinion is that they should just accept plenty of them being stationed on the shores of Taiwan that are along the Taiwanese shorelines, as well as amongst other Chinese shores, the most likely to pop up in my mind while typing this in, happens to be shores in a direct line leading to Beijing.

    - i trust the Chinese to know than to make just clothing and the stuff they made for us all during the years leading up into the 1980s, when i grew up as yet another kid living in comfy Netherlands, into the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and we're now in 2019, at work preventing that WW3 (which i deserves a rename making WW3 the spiritual link for the efforts made during the Cold War, into the WW4, which brings structure and good governing to a serious problem happening in the battle for "who has the best Quran").
    for those interesting which Quran translation i happen to like best as the top of the line in the peaceful Qurans available to Muslims today, i'll give you my honest answer : the copy of Islam used by a Muslim chick i helped over fb to get advice about her relationship via fb.com when i was still using it, has appeared to be removed from the google search results... no worries, such things happen... there's plenty of english translation attempts being made at the moment anyways, and i have the clear indication that they are worthy reading material.

    Concluding, from a EU-whats-left-of-it-and-determined-to-return-to-strength-that-helps-whenever-it-can-not-only-itself, over here in AMS.nl,

    - Assad's off the hook because he'll provide the example again needed to show strength against demonstrations growing into too much pay raises happening at the same time,
    because i have the idea he can pay for his karma debt by investing a bit better in living space (including more floorspace, efficient airco and heating, etc, etc), for the survivors smart enough to at least be gone by the fighting over Syria got serious enough to understand when to flee a battle scene aka hot zone.

    - Russia's busy with their supply routes reaching not only their Crimean base, but going around their sea building another stretch of highway equipment built by the Chinese with their belt-and-road-initiative,
    but ofcourse also their new naval base outside Turkish water, their very first base that i've read about, in the Med.

    - not respecting these changes is not only dangerously foolish (mostly to yourselves... hint, Iran...[1]),
    it's continued serious disrespect for another's suffering,
    based on competition between Quran translations so old they're simply too violent for the present point along humanity's timeline, which goes a lot further back in history (about 500.000 years at least i guess),
    producing according what is taught over here in all western high-schools as proven Darwinian science to be the evolutionary path from Monkey to early versions (Cromagnon, etc) of modern humans leading to the current generation (incarnation is another word for it (approximately according to the western dictionaries)),
    which are getting used to the efforts made by humanity during WW1-WW4.

    [1] i tried, and will continue to provide the Iranians willing and foolish enough to get their Martyr promise by defending against properly armed, vastly superior, US forces, that i could not prevent their "militant" aspects of their foreign policy. I sent an email about it to the Iranian foreign militaries at some point during the current build-up called "military attrition phase" aka "pre-intervention phase",
    about 3 to 4 weeks later i read headlines published in the smaller news-sources available via the web,
    that the Iranian refuse to comply with these reasonable demands, issued for decades no less,
    by Americans protecting vital Saudi and Israeli interests,
    like not having the Iranians in the habit of planting against the Israeli defenses against terror strikes, some kinda game about their special forces being in the habit of getting their rank increases via the method of using Iranian made explosives similar to C4, to get terror strikes on behalf of the Palestians,
    under seemingly acceptable sounding words.
    Do check yourselves, but i'm telling you.
    That's why i support the honerable (re-)entry of the Iranian fighters up for a quick route to Martyrdom, which might be actually Allah's version of their special way of living in a kinda environment that is described by Christianity as "the 7th Heaven",
    rather than seeing :
    - Israel taking more beatings than they should, after decades of taking hits like this.
    - The Palestinians kept fighting the wrong enemy (Israel) for the wrong reasons fed to them by the outdated value system let alone the now-corrupted moral guidelines found in the more violent Quran translations.
    - Saudi chicks being not only useful behind airco-powered cars on trips to the supermarkets, but still wearing their headscarfs, being very useful to the agenda-time available of their husbands and kids etc doing grocery shopping in cars, but imagine the advantage of those chicks now being able to enjoy the long highways of Saudi in a airco-powered cars.

    [Conclusions about the Iran war]
    - i did what i could to inform the Iranians, enough to provide "clear and crystal warning in plain english".
    - the Iranians are up for a honerable death into a arrangement they made with Allah long ago.
    - i'm trying to give the US a show worthy enough for some time off by nagging by China let alone Russia.
    - you'd best let me do my thing, as wouldn't be the first early spring of my life i end up giving the best tips about saving lives.
    [ summary of peacefan at this forum : Iran, you asked for it. I'd rather support the Israelis, the Saudis, the Palestinians in ways that are surprisingly easy excuses to do something else that attacking Israel, which i can not discuss until i have all the details to make it actually into a reality ].

    - WW3 is scheduled for renaming to the Cold Wars by about the standard 50 to 100 years for such changes to be made public,
    while we are in my opinion making a better impression to future generations by renaming the war against terrorism into a WW4, which happens be the link between the number 4 to "structure", structure being the word described in this case to link back to the picture of a perfectly cube-like stone shape, the very basis of building a very sturdy house made of for instance granit blocks.
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    ehm, time for some sanity injected right into China + Russia teaming up trying and miserably failing to harass the West again, every fucking time they appear to have the slither of hope achieving their shared world domination plans..

    back the **** off.

    or you get (both at the same time) a likewise treatment organized by not just yours truly with very temporary free-speech-"super"-powers active (a limited time window i guarantee you all that i'll stop inserting relevant info that gets distributed via my new and improved yet only 2nd fb account, by the women who are far more efficient in than any newspapers, which are usually kept just accurate enough from me risking your troops and the world to risks so devastating you plan it like a soccer match, but it's like WW1 and WW2 being planned out of the current WW3 aka war-on-terrorism.

    you'd best reconsider your plans.

    i've been backing you because your both useful in the civilian roles,
    will have according to my current plans as advice to the world to be publicly posted on forums like this,
    their first prestige projects outside regular borders assigned to them,
    after WW2 and other wars that could have been avoided (like Vietnam),
    by not treating the lives of others like chess pieces on a board.

    that ends right here, as of right now.

    my new account activity is simply walking longer and longer distances,
    combined with what i appear to be incarnated to enjoy,
    the hobbies of software engineering,
    producing kids of my own (once my millions are in saving accounts in sufficient millions-of-Euros via the software industry probably), see seductiveapps.com (a website address of mine i hardly ever reveal on this forum, but you deserve fair warning of what i post when at fb, see the section containing my family-business-with-parents-merely-in-charge-of-personal-finance-management, that contains not just my business email address, my future business plans outside the software engineering that i now have a very pretty version 1.0 finished for companies like Google, Facebook, Ebay, etc, but also for the upcoming Russian and Chinese civilian markets, but also a link to the current fb address containing my new and improved way of informing the civlians of the world via the dating scene running in the currently 20-something and 30-something age ranges of hetros found around the world).

    and if you find i'm worthy of being eliminated,
    realise one thing :
    i'm one of the very few Europeans left willing and able to help you avoid mass casualties in the future, Russia and China.

    stop complaining about NATO superiority, we're supposed to determine the best solution of the war-bullshit-planning that we as NATO have to clean up, and the valuable investment stored in those around 1200 military bases around the world, from suffering planned and then caused by you trying to take over the world, which we were wise enough to accept as defeat-and-retreat as it happened in the Vietnam war.

    reconsider the values of sticking primarily as civilian role providers.

    i do like the belt-and-road initiative, and i'm going to bury my fb initial seeding of information over the next few weeks, possibly leading into all .nl's spring and summer season, until the cold season known here as a rainy cold weather, which i'll be spending beautifying the web with my seductiveapps platform ( feel free to scan the code of the code now available via the github link at https://gitlab.com/seductiveapps/seductiveapps and my personal situation is summarized in https://www.facebook.com/rene.veerman.18 and )

    with more and more photo albums containing the pretty country-sides from AMS.nl into Amsterdam.NL to Haarlem.NL and slightly beyond, to the roads leading into Haarlem, the parks around the shopping centre of Haarlem.NL (where my grandparents on my mother's side lived and partially raised 4-year-old to 8-year-old peacefan, me, now 41 years of age),

    which you are expected to have the respect to not visit until i can restore full restoration not only to your honor codes among what was known as the KGB and changed nothing but it's name, but also companies like Huawei from getting kicked out of NATO phone infrastructure interference, which i heard valid reports even from sales people here in Europe in the streets of downtown Amsterdam.NL,
    are seriously feared to come with Chinese exploits monitoring and installment-of-vulnerabilities-into-operating-systems used by all PCs, Macs, Pads, Smartphones of Android and iPhone, and basically from there monitor vital infrastructure of ours and attempt takeover attempts via cyberwarfare.

    you are now not only exposed to the ugly truth of your daddy's and mommy's stupid desires,
    we object to the extent of not caring of our lives being only very slightly at risk,
    while we fix things for all of NATO by being the good old Benelux (which is Netherlands and Belgium combined with Luxemburg, which grew into the peaceful EU until the shit hit the fan over at the UK forcing them into a temporary seemingly juicy target i recon)...

    this time i'm not taking shit like happened too often before by your countries shared interest leading to very evil and sneaky attempts to get the world to eventually be controlled by your stupid plans of conquest.

    you can try to get me killed, but the point here is..
    (A) i'm trained in various ways to avoid this scenario.
    (B) i secured my seductiveapps platform for use by the GPL Linux community in case of the not-so-accidental headshot, which is always a risk.
    (C) trying to poison me is pretty pointless, and know this : either give me an unexpected clean headshot, because i hate painful death as much as the next guy, or face the consequences of your actions in future posts which i have the rare opportunity to get done in one night, and am willing to give you one VERY F-ING LAST CHANCE, to learn from this information, adjust your course, and stay peaceful students of geopolitcal multi-polar world economy civilian providers, who are actually smart enough not to try take over of the world over and over again.
    (D) end-point, conclusion for China and Russia : If it's not giving me your very final chance to adjust your course here, the solution will be in permanent form on Facebook as one of the last accurate and honest historical records of what went down between WW1-WW3 aka the war against terrorism.
    if it's not me adjusting your course by the appropriate use of military force, know this : someone else with an interest in studying the modern arts of war, growing up with more than just hobbies overlapping like the study of humanity's post-WW1 history's, and photography, and software engineering at the internet engineering level,
    will have the all the evidence for the counter-move that you feel like you can escape like Muslims stick to their outdated Quran's containing nothing but how to conquer by the use of very ugly violence. ISIS got that treatment by NATO, remember that, before me or someone else has to organise the events that will allow your population to never forget as is the state of affairs in Germany at the moment indictated by the very length of time Germans all voting politicians like Merkel into office over there.

    you don't want to get "the NATO treatment".
    if you ignore all of this,
    it's your choice to invite learning by force like ISIS, alQuada, and now the Iranians are oh-so cryptically admit they need.

    as with all jobs, we aim to save our own asses first and foremost (quite logical for all men trying to have a fun time raising kids more than actual war, i assure you),
    but my personal aim at least is pointed to principles of war like using minimal force, etc.

    not all over at NATO share my feelings about what groups like you were recently mentioned along with other bothersome groups causing victims en-masse thinking it's like winning a competition over farm-land, which i have plans to expand, in ways that war will never will.

    that's enough fair warning for now.

    after the initial seeding by fb into female and male new and old friends accross the entire world,
    it's bound to be useful to read over here at defence.pk, but probably float like the bottom and then out of view of it's main page where i post threads like this (it's not the first time i do this, sometimes i have to re-adjust the course of the world every 2 to 4 years by for instance Iran putting up a laughable fight against a simple and recent Iranian Nuclear Deal, in the Obama Presidency times (preceding the current Trump Presidency times)),

    followed by me being a good citizen willing to play along with the big boys,
    by just posting new and creative ways of my Netherlands and it's prettiest sunlight hitting our architecture that we hate to lose so much, that i'm spreading the word with just an initial seeding set of info about 2019-02-13-tue, 01:08 .nl time,
    but in such ways,
    if you decide to come after another guy pretending to be a risk to your so-called plans,
    with guns and unexpected headshots, or even poison bullshit resulting the kinda painful death that i just don't deserve but will get myself a short rest in the promised Christian Church's 7th Heaven relevant to the Catholics and Protestants Christian Churches, which by the way is quite similar to the Russian Orthodox Church as it stands today,
    but if i don't come back in another re-incarnation for more work fighting your bullshit,
    it will be fought with other means by other people who care much less about the suffering of the guilty,
    than i do.
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    how about Russia build a bunch of hotels in their cold snowy areas, with train tracks built by China powering European tourism into the colder areas of Russia safely in a way that has a trainstation directly and heated by local gas, connecting to several new shiny tourism towers... i'd love my new business idea listed in one of my initial posts now available via my fb account, to have a Russian manager selling jobs to Russian people, honest types and trust worthy types, to run my 2-floor shops selling quality clothing made in China and sold not only in Moscow somewhere, but even along all tourism worthy shops in Russian and China...

    Russia... China... one last thing. i do love the moral values you exported via Hong Kong kungfu movies, and all i got to read about modern translations found on youtube's DK Yoo channel of the Russian Systema martial arts system.
    That you got exactly right, you're on track with your civilian industries, i'd like to help out where you are stuck finding new ways to make a little extra profit in the white-hat civilian industries,
    rather than you trying world-domination again via cyberwarfare and other even more evil techniques again.

    key here is : you can team up, but if you do so in ways Iran has been up to for the past few decades, or ISIS started out as,
    we have little providing our politicians with the actual evidence needed to justify the sharp lesson later treated as script material by not just our own movie industries, but also by civilians just new to the idea of making movies.

    so get your forces under control, please Russian and Chinese governments.
    the plans of your intel and/or militaries, we find disgusting, much like what Iran call's it's right to interfere in plans recently mentioned interfere with the internal politics and freedoms people living in places like Saudi and Israel have to endure.

    once again.. you need me more than the rotten appels you have in your modern intel, and comms equipment companies,
    than i need people in those industries.

    however, asking for their resignation is an option i can not force upon them.
    you're going to have to get it done properly yourselves, Russian and Chinese governments.

    fix the remaining ego problems of your troops,
    or it's me posting another status update thread like this within 2 years from now,
    or you get me killed via painful or sudden headshots which i am willing to take the risk of considering how many suffering of how many lives over how many decades is at stake here,
    and you face the wrath of the many hidden yet fully informed hidden warriors of Earth,
    doing things they have the evidence for,
    before you even try to assemble the troops required to get me killed/murdered.

    that's enough info here in this thread, i suppose.

    you all have a nice month.

    me, i'm gonna photograph and extend my walking on foot ranges, while staying put mostly in my home where rent is cheap, etc...

    i'm here to enjoy life.
    start a family of my own.

    not to clean up your bullshit and be blamed as part of the cause for it.

    this is me making it possible for future western generations not only to use my code for free (see it's current version only visible at seductiveapps.com/LICENSE.txt, which reads as the following paragraph goes)

    SeductiveApps : Copyright (c) and All Rights Reserved (r) 2002 - 2018 by Rene AJM Veerman.
    See also the LICENSE for SeductiveApps.
    GPL licensed.
    because of personal reasons.
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