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Communal politics in name of ‘Holi ka Nawab’


Dec 14, 2010
the communal politics is still relevent though
There is no communal politics, there is only electoral politics.

Its just an old tradition, in Shahjahanpur no on actually calls it Holi ka Nawab, its rather called Holi ka Laat Sahab, it started as a protest against Britishers. So sometimes its Holi ka Laat Sahab sometimes its Holi ka Nawab. This is just the good old plebs venting their anger against their rulers, today its just a tradition and doesn't mean anything.

Here's how the same newspaper reported on this last year,,

This century-old Holi tradition, part bizarre, part painful, is now making locals protest

Every year, on the day before Holi, a 'Laat Sahab' or 'Nawaab' is chosen by locals, and then plied with alcohol until he is extremely drunk, even by Holi standards. He is then taken out in a procession on a bullock cart on the day of Holi throughout the city and hit with shoes, brooms and even cowdung. Though the Laat Sahab gets paid a lot for this, he has to bear a good deal of pain, and people across communities have protested against this practice.


But since 2017 was an election year it suddenly became only Holi Ka Nawab :rofl:

It was very obvious who the Times group newspapers were rooting for in these elections, and its them who were trying to do communal politics, so that all Muslims voted to defeat the BJP. Too bad the Muslim votes got split between SP and BSP and helped BJP win :enjoy:


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