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Commonwealth Games leaves 2,50,000 homeless

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Oct 15, 2010
I guess indian and white have a lot in common, cause both ppl love to bullshits.
Yes thats Probably why we Love Talking about Your Country which You Just addressed with respect to Bull's Excreta ... If You dont have anything to cheer about, why spoil some one elses Party???


Oct 12, 2010
The point is all Asian countries try to happy Western countries and put extremely huge pressure on their own citizen .... (Taxes, kick n off from places, organize events for foreigners and hurt own people)

This is pathetic piece of Policy of south Asian countries. In reality Western people laughing on us... West govt provide top priority to own people and 2nd priority to others... South Asian Countries... High priority (Western people) and 2nd priority own citizen...

Lack of leadership!
This thread is far far away from the reality. Though i buy your point them we south Asians are over obsessed with "firangis".

But for Delhi CWG just visit Delhi you will see beggars and some jhuggies govt. have not touched them as they have human rights too.

And as for the people relocated they will get free houses by the govt. any development can't be done if we don't relocate something orthe other.

If we relocate humans these carp western and our media shouts human rights or if we relocate animals then animal rights and if utilize some part of forest then environment damage.

Tell me how 1.2 billion people will get food, job or home if we don't do such things?????????

With limited land and ever growing population we have to utilize our resources.

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