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COAS meets MI6 chief in Rawalpindi


Mar 21, 2007
United States
Making efforts to help Afghanistan achieve peace, COAS tells MI6 chief

ISPR says Richard Moore met Gen Qamar, appreciated Pakistan efforts for regional stability

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August 27, 2021

chief of the uk secret intelligence service mi6 richard moore called on chief of army staff coas general qamar javed bajwa photo ispr

Chief of the UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Richard Moore called on Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa. PHOTO: ISPR

Chief of the UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Richard Moore called on Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa and discussed matters of mutual interests particularly evolving situation in Afghanistan, military said in a statement issued late Thursday.

“During the meeting matters of mutual and professional interests, intelligence/defence collaboration between both countries and overall regional security, with special emphasis on post-US withdrawal in Afghanistan came under discussion,” said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

During the meeting, the army chief said that Pakistan is helping achieve peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan. “Pakistan is willing to do whatever is possible to help Afghanistan achieve an inclusive settlement which is vital for regional peace and prosperity,” the statement quoted Gen Qamar as saying.

The MI6 chief expressed his appreciation for Pakistan’s untiring efforts towards regional peace and stability, it added.
Last week, while addressing the faculty and cadets during a visit to the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) in Kakul, Gen Qamar reiterated that Pakistan wanted national and regional peace and development, and would continue to play its role for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The army chief said that peace in Afghanistan was essential to the region, especially to the people of Afghanistan. “We will continue to play our role for peace and stability in Afghanistan,” he said. “Pakistan wants national and regional peace and development.”

Speaking in the context of the latest Afghan situation, the army chief said: “We expect the Taliban to live up to the promises made to the international community of women and human rights and that Afghan soil will not be used against any other country.”

The chief of army staff noted that Pakistan had paid a heavy price for the unrest in Afghanistan. Despite its economic woes, he added, Pakistan had sheltered more than 3 million Afghan refugees for four decades.

“Pakistan’s sincere efforts in the Afghanistan peace process are for the establishment of a region that is a peaceful, prosperous and economic partner,” he said. “We have consistently made it clear to the international community that it must play a role in finding a peaceful solution to Afghanistan.”


Nov 1, 2010
United Kingdom
Looser UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Richard Moore coming and begging help from Pakistan after getting defeated and at the same time appreciating Pakistan.

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