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COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa visits Mujahid force Bhimber: ISPR

Discussion in 'Military Photos & Multimedia' started by zeroboy, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Good News, getting your ducks in a row. India is losing Kashmir. Gun is never going to be the solution. Even if Pakistan comes up with its entire Army, which they tried earlier, nothing will change. But if Kashmiris hold guns for their freedom, they will again give justification for a prolonged fight for their freedom. This Freedom cycle will continue till either Kashmiris or Indian Government realize they cannot continue.
    Nice Lethal Move of Bajwa Doctrine. Salute you Sir.
    Developing Stories - Why India Loose Kashmir.
    US Backing India to counter China is a flawed US policy. India has neither the political will nor the capacity to contest China militarily. India uses the China card to milk the US and West for support and uses it against Pakistan and smaller countries in the region.
    For Washington, the best bet is to improve relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan, as these are the countries that are natural partners to the US. Russia and China are also competitors to each other and not allies, and hence will pose no significant threat to the interests of the United States in the foreseeable future.
    the Trump administration seems to have crystalized its relationship with India. The administration’s increased engagement with Pakistan on the issue of Afghanistan might have also come at the expense of Indo-US ties and the ouster of the “India office” from the Pentagon. Pakistan for a peace process in Afghanistan demands his right of Kashmir issue resolution with India to the US.
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