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COAS Bajwa visits PLA headquarters, discusses regional security and IOJK


Nov 27, 2017
You may be right, but the difference is in my country New Zealand or US or in European country...there is less to write about their military as they don't poke their nose in every affair of the state. Here the Country is run by Military.
Recent example...despite having a democratically elected government (not literally though), your CAOS has to urge the business men and investors for economic investments, TV annalists are ex generals taking on everything from UN to economy to foreign affairs to state policies to trade, in your talk shows. Delegations to important countries such as US,China have PM/his team Plus CAOS as even those countries know it's futile to talk/get agreement from civil government and assurance from establishment is more trusted... etc.
Do you disagree?
every country has dual state Governance, if you dont know then it is too sad that US or EU run by deep state https://time.com/4692178/donald-trump-deep-state-breitbart-barack-obama/
the Pakistan Army chief, who is a member of the National Development Council (NDC) headed by prime minister Khan, and he is also Pakistani national and can join this forum to share his opinion how to improve the economic which is good as per 1948 UN Charter of human rights.why west and india take it in wrong perception. it is also Pakistani Military is well respected is due to its act of valor. Losing and Wining is part of War. You either lose or win which does not matter but the consequences behind defeat or victory.
It is also very astonishing to note that people across the border have got a Phobia of this army although they say that they have won all the wars but in the heart of their hearts they know what is the truth. Even yesterday I was listening to the version of Indian Major General Bakshi saying Pakistan teach them 1948,1965,1971 and Kargil how to fight. Let me also tell you one thing more nobody can brainwash our entire population of 200 Million. Our youngsters and intelligent students do not dream of a job in Silicon valley but they prefer to join the armed forces. We love our army and talk about all our matters with our army.


Nov 18, 2015
United States
In my opinion to Kick start Gwadar
We should

a) Open Tank Manufacturing Factory in Gwadar
b) Open Extension of KAMRA in Gwadar
c) Open Shipyard for Navy
d) At least 1 Auto Manufacturing for Military (Jeeps, Trucks, Heavy Bikes )

This would attract new generation Pakistani workforce to move closer to work in the Gwadar area
First need to get fresh water supply to Gwadar sorted out. As for tank and weapon factories, need to place those close to city centers to support families. We need to spread them out and I'd rather have them near Quetta instead

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