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CNN: Democracy is dying in India, and Trump shouldn't be on Modi's side


Sep 18, 2012
Economic separatists actually
In Kashmir ? No way, it is all religious extremism.

The economy is the one reason they like India, they do not see a better future in Pakistan as far as money is concerned.

CAA protest is not about religion??
I'll concede this much to begin with:

To outsiders (non Indian citizens), it probably does come off as a morally dubious law, in that it excludes the muslims from the list of fast-track to Indian citizenship beneficiaries from the 3 countries in question.

but you have to keep things

1. non emotional


2. within historical context

The fact is, the CAA has nothing whatsoever to do with any Indian citizen. They're being played by the Ghandy party and their cronies, the commies, and others.

Dirty politics, is all.

The marginalization, oppression, living a Ghetto life leads to more radicalization.
This is just natural human behavior easily observable all over the world.

There are Indian, BD and Pak origin and immigrant dominated "ghettos" all over the west, in the UK and Canada specially. Jamaicans and other Africans have their own neighborhoods where they tend to band together too.

Even in Delhi etc, white diplomat folk and other whites living/working here sort of have their own gatherings, you'll find locals too but they're the minority.

Similarly, the muslim areas tend to be majority muslim areas. Which is not to say that there isn't crossover and very happy and loving mingling going on in other areas. There are some very wealthy rich settlements, "colonies" (as we call them here lol) where I personally know filthy rich muslims and their fancy German and Italian sports cars live right alongside the rich Sikhs and Hindus, Jains and Parsis etc.. there will never be riots in those areas lol

Things aren't great for Hindus etc in Pakistan either but I'm sure there are a few rich business ones in Karachi with their German and Italian cars etc who live the good life because they're rich.

I'll share some vids about Indian muslim culture and life and tag you.

Isn't BJP acting as a catalyst to speed up the things...

It is like the more you try to suppress it, the more it agitates and strengthens.
no, the BJP's main mission is to undo the damage 50+ years Congress rule has done here

cut regulation, deflate the bloated bureaucracy, cut regulation (and associated babu red tape), make it easier to do business.

as far as the CAA, NPR, NRC go.. illegal alien Bangladeshi muslims will be the only ones affected, nobody else.

saw this viral video about a mumbai muslim cabbie crying about his lack of kagaz

Bhen Ke Laudey, tujhe commercial vehicle license kaise mil gya without any kagaz ? :big_boss:


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