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Close to 1,000 troops from the UK complete preparations before deploying to Afghanistan

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    Close to 1,000 troops complete preparations before deploying to Afghanistan

    George Allison

    March 14, 2019


    Nearly 1,000 troops have gone through final preparations for deployment to Afghanistan, say the British Army.

    The deployment sees 1st Battalion The Rifles and 1st Battalion The Royal Irish operating together for the first time since World War Two, according to a release.

    Brigadier Alan Richmond, head of the Army in Wales and Commander 160 Brigade, is quoted as saying the deployment was significant, for a number of reasons.

    “This is a true UK endeavour with the British Army showing off the best bonds of the union, with the deployment supported by Reservists from 6th Battalion The Rifles and 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish, who also come under my command, with Scottish and Welsh soldiers also serving with the units. This is also the first time Riflemen and Rangers will operate beside each other since World War Two.”

    The main effort of the deployment is for Riflemen and Rangers to provide armoured force protection to NATO advisors to allow them to support the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its institutions.

    UK troops will be deployed to several locations within Kabul as part of the NATO mission, Resolute Support. The troops deploy in various stages from mid-March for a six-month tour, say the Army.