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Chinese graduates lament Western degrees no longer a fast track for top jobs, employers prefer local degrees


Nov 4, 2011
you shouldn't believe everything you see on Pornhub :coffee:
What is pornhub?

Its frankly kind of sad (for China), the generic level of spam-trolls found in this forum.

70% of CCP leadership send their kids to western universities (US + Europe).

Imagine the time wasted by these trolls here....like little ripples and splashes upon that reality of a rock.

Some of Joe Rogan's videos (on china's reality) alone get millions upon millions of views with a cpl minutes of time invested in that lol.

Complete contrast to how these red-larp fatheads here spam their lives away where no impact is made past what's already done outside of here.

The troll brigade here really sucks at how/where to invest time, because they are.... how shall we say ....mentally special heh.
If you talk about the past, it was true, but this report concur with US concurrent statistics as well, it's a new thing, I found Indian minds are always stuck in the past, this is the major obstacle to stop your country from moving forward.

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