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Chinese firm set to pilot electric motorbikes in Kenya

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    Chinese firm set to pilot electric motorbikes in Kenya

    Xinhua, March 15, 2019

    Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer TAILG Group said on Friday that it is set to pilot electric motorbikes in Kenya as art of its entry in the local market.

    Jayson Huang, an official with the group, said that the introduction will take place in the western inland port city of Kisumu in July.

    "We intend to pilot 50 motorbikes in the city as part of our entry into the Kenyan market," Jayson told journalists on the sidelines of the ongoing fourth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi.

    Jayson said that motorbikes will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide as part of efforts to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

    He said the company that is collaborating with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) will be sending technicians to Kenya to help fix the equipment required.

    The company that has plants in Chinese cities, including Dongguan, Wuxi, and Tianjin, plans to expand to Ethiopia and Uganda after setting base in Kenya.

    Anyang Nyong'o, Governor for Kisumu County welcomed the company, adding that the project will help reduce pollution in the city.

    Nyong'o said that such initiatives should be taken up as they help solve pollution and electricity problems and keep people healthy.

    "The program comes at a time when we are working on a modern transport system that will help us decongest the city," he added.

    Rob De Jong, head of mobility unit at UNEP, said that the UN agency is currently working on a project that aims at integrating electric two wheelers and three wheelers into existing urban transport modes in developing countries.

    "We are piloting and developing a comprehensive policy framework in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam," he added.