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Chinese Defence Minister meets with Thai Army Commander-in-Chief

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    Chinese Defence Minister meets with Thai Army Commander-in-Chief

    Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie on Tuesday met with visiting Thai Army Commander-in-Chief General Prayut Chan-O-Cha, exchanging views on bilateral ties and relations between the two militaries.

    Liang said, Chinese and Thai people have enjoyed friendly communications for nearly 2000 years. The relationship between China and Thailand has been developing smoothly, and bilateral friendly exchanges covered almost all fields, bringing benefits to both people.

    Liang also expressed China's appreciations and thanks to the Thai Government's long-standing understanding and support in terms of China's core interests.

    "Traditional friendship and cooperation between Chinese and Thai army have achieved encouraging progress in recent years," Liang said, calling for closer military cooperation between the two nations.

    Prayut said, Thailand and China were "good and close neighbors." The two countries have developed close friendly cooperation based on mutual respect and sincerity, he added.

    He said the Thai army was willing to promote communications and cooperations with the Chinese army at all levels and in all fields, so to benefit from each other's experiences and strengthen bilateral ties between the two armies.

    Chinese Defence Minister meets with Thai Army Commander-in-Chief - People's Daily Online
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    Sino-Thai Friendship 4ever. Two relatives
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