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Chinese Ambassador hopes Bangladesh will not take any side in Indo-Pacific strategy


Dec 31, 2010

Chinese Ambassador hopes Bangladesh will not take any side in Indo-Pacific strategy​


Published :
Mar 14, 2023 03:44 PM
Updated :
Mar 14, 2023 03:47 PM

Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Yao Wen, on Tuesday, said that the Indo-Pacific strategy launched by the western countries is not inclusive and he hopes that Bangladesh will never take any side.

He said it while responding to a question on China’s observation about the Indo-Pacific strategy, at a media briefing organised by the Chinese Embassy.

The Chinese envoy made it clear that China found the IPS is an exclusive instrument, which gives more focus on defence.

Mr Wen said that any policy aimed at ensuring police will have Chinese support. But if it promotes conflict in the region it should be deserted by all.

About Chinese investment here he said, food processing is a key sector where both countries can work together as this sector has huge potential.

Bangladesh is the second largest exporter of the world in RMG but it has to import many items, the envoy said adding that Chinese entrepreneurs are planning to set up factories for producing those products so that the import dependence of Bangladesh will be reduced to a great extent.

On the Rohingya issue, the Chinese envoy said that although China hopes to initiate the repatriation as soon as possible, the situation is now complicated for which he blamed foreign actors.

On FTA, the Chinese ambassador said that a joint study was initiated to assess the feasibility of the free trade agreement between the two countries and decisions will be taken in this regard after the completion of the study.

Responding to a question on the Chinese Involvement in the proposed Teesta river management project he said that both countries were in discussions regarding this issue, but so far nothing is finalised.

On Belt and Road projects he said, Bangladesh is the first country in South Asia to sign Belt and Road documents with China and these projects contributed hugely to the development of Bangladesh and also helped creating huge employment.

Replying to a question, whether China will continue to provide duty-free market access for 98 per cent of Bangladeshi products after LDC graduation then why said that the facility is given only for the LDC countries, but that can be renewed through negotiation.



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