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China's "Tongling" frigate is about to be handed over to Sri Lanka


Aug 7, 2017
China's "Tongling" frigate is about to be handed over to Sri Lanka
Observer network 2018-09-10 15:54:47

[Observer network Comprehensive report] The Sri Lankan media reported on July 24 that China will present a frigate to the Sri Lankan Navy, but did not say which ship was given. Recently, Weibo netizens took photos and showed that the Navy’s retired 053H2G frigate “Tongling” ship docked at the Hudong Shipyard’s terminal has been brushed with a new ship number “P625” and began a comprehensive renovation. From the ship’s number, he is China. Presented to the frigate of the Sri Lankan Navy.

The Tongling Ship, which has been painted with the Sri Lankan Navy's number, has been removed from the original Haihongqi-61B air defense system (picture source see watermark)

The "Tongling" ship in the service of the Chinese People's Navy, the Haihongqi 61B air defense missile is its most prominent sign.

The "Tongling" ship (ship number 542) is the "old scorpion" of the second generation of the 2,000-ton full-enclosed missile frigate of our army. It was served in the East China Sea Fleet in 1994. After retiring at the age of 24, it entered Shanghai in February this year. At the end of March, the netizen found that the original navy port number "542" was removed. The ship numbers of two Indian Saryu patrol ships in Sri Lanka are now P623 and P624, and the P625 of the "Tongling" ship is exactly the extension of the Sri Lankan navy.

Sri Lanka's current largest ship, the Indian Saryu-class patrol ship P623. The ship is mainly equipped with one "Otto" 76mm main gun, two 30mm sub-guns, and an endurance of 6000 nautical miles.
The Sri Lankan Navy is a light fleet of small ships. The characteristics of small, fine and fast are very obvious. The active ships are mainly large patrol boats, small gunboats and speedboats. Sri Lanka is equipped with Chinese-made 62-type escort boats and 074 landing craft. At present, the Navy's largest ship is the Indian Saryu patrol ship with a displacement of about 2,300 tons. The Sri Lankan Navy has not yet been equipped with a frigate class. After the "Tongling" ship is in service, it will bring the combat power of the Sri Lankan Navy to a higher level.

The main force of the Sri Lankan Navy is small vessels, including many Chinese-made 62 gunboats.

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