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China’s relationships with Greece and Italy are deepening – EU is reaping exactly what it sowed


Apr 2, 2017
Let a Greek explain the situation on ground.

@Beast ''Greece has a problem? No you gave money to Greece you have a problem'' :rofl:


LOL I live in Europe and you are full of shit. China us gaining ground in the mentioned countries. No doubt about it.
does u ever realized that the world PUMPS much more money into China than China into the world.

China invest little $800million into a stupid project turning a sidenote harbor in greece into europeans largest harbor...
1. that is not even close enough money to make this happen
2. no matter how much money they pump into the harbor its offline of European main land ...you need to transport from there several thousend km the goods to europeans blue Banana....
3. the largest harbor in Europe is right in the center of it...with several rivers able to transport masses ... connection with the most dence highway and railway network in the world, access to 110million people lifing in the blue Banana close connction to 20 Global and World citys

No one in Europe take a notice as BMW bought its chinese partner for € 4billion ($ 4.41billion) this deal allone is more money pumped into China in a single deal as all Chinese money pumped into Europe in the same year...

Different... chinese propadanda boys make big tam tam about any Penny China spends in the west... in Europe such a deal like BMW did is a sidenote in the news no one realy cares about...

Europe controlls much more in China than the other way around...swallow this fact

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Apr 12, 2015
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Europe controlls much more in China than the other way around...swallow this fact
True. However, you also have to understand why people from developing countries make far more noise than those from developed countries.European powers, U.S, Japan, etc have long been established industrialised developed countries with global reach(investment,technology,foreign trade etc). So it's normal that new emerging developing countries like China, India, Iran, Turkey etc etc will make more noise about any investments/project they have in a western country than the other way round.
Put it like this: The U.S has long been a space superpower sending even people to the moon and space probes out of our existing solar system/universe, and rovers on Mars etc. People don't even talk much about it because it's expected since the U.S has ling been a world technological superpower. Meanwhile if say Iran manage to send a small micro satellite in space, don't you think people will talk much more about that than U.S/Russia performing far more sophisticated missions for decades until today?
So, i believe it's normal that Chinese, Indians, Iranians, Turkey etc etc will be more eager to let others know about some inroads they have made in highly developed western countries, no matter how small that might be compared to the other way round. It's normal to be honest, judging from where they come.

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