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Will the U.S. succeed in challenging the Chinese total dominance in Rare Earth Elements export?

  • Yes, by securing the access to outer space R.E.E. (lunar, asteroids).

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  • Yes, by securing the access to the Greenland's R.E.E. plus one of the above.

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Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
China's Inner Mongolia sees more rare earth in situ conversion

(Xinhua) 07:49, September 20, 2019

The city of Baotou, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has almost doubled its in situ conversion rate of rare earth raw material to 75 percent, the municipal government said on Thursday.

Rare earth functional materials and applications accounted for more than half of the total rare earth industry output of the city, which is home to over 80 percent of China's rare earth resources.

By upgrading its rare earth processing industries, fostering research forces and enhancing policy and funding, Baotou has stepped up its efforts to achieve high-quality industrial development in recent years, said Zhao Jiangtao, mayor of the city.

Baotou's rare earth industry grew by 16.8 percent year on year to reach 17.6 billion yuan (about 2.5 billion U.S. dollars) in 2018, contributing 17 percent of the city's industrial economy.

According to Zhao, the municipal government will speed up the construction of a new industrial park for rare earth materials.

Known as China's "rare earth capital," Baotou has proven rare earth reserves of more than 100 million tonnes in its Bayan Obo mining area.


US, Australia to unveil plan on rare earth mineral supply

Fri Sep 20, 2019 02:07AM

US President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison are set to release a plan on Friday aimed at securing the supply of rare earth minerals, a senior administration official said, as concerns grow that China could cut off shipments of the prized commodities.

The plan will be unveiled during a state visit by Morrison to the White House, where space cooperation and plastic waste management will also be discussed, the official said on Thursday.

"Both countries share an interest in making sure the global supply of rare earths is stable and secure," the official said.

The goal of the plan, he added, was to pool expertise and resources "to make sure there's a stable and secure global market that's not easily disrupted by shocks and outside influences."

Rare earths are a group of 17 chemical elements used in everything from high-tech consumer electronics to military equipment.

Australia contains only 2.8% of the world's rare earth reserves, but accounts for more than half of the new projects in the global pipeline.

Rare earth minerals need to be processed after they are extracted from the ground.

There is only one operational rare earths mine in the United States, although the country has no processing facilities.

China is the world's largest processor and producer of the minerals, accounting for more than 80% of global processing capacity.

After trade talks broke down in May, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited a rare earths plant, sparking speculation that China would use its dominant position as an exporter of rare earths to the United States as leverage in the trade dispute.

Chinese negotiators are in Washington for talks as the world's two largest economies try to bridge deep policy differences and find a way out of a protracted trade war.

A Pentagon official said in August the Defense Department was in talks with Australia to host a facility that would process rare earth metals. The White House official did not respond on Thursday when asked if the plan set to be unveiled would involve such facilities.

Australia's Lynas Corp Ltd, the world's largest rare earths miner and processor outside of China, is developing a processing plant in Texas. Chief Executive Amanda Lacaze said last month the company was open to receiving US government funding to build it.



Remember from now on, China has a proven rare earth reserves of more than 100 million tonnes, that's the same amount as what Trump wants to secure with the planned multibillion-dollar takeover of Greenland, that harbours 100 millions tons of REE.

But still not sufficient enough to challenge China's dominance!

https://archive.is/f3g5A/0e26bbfea542ee89dfde65a8803110d60a953b20.jpg ; https://archive.is/f3g5A/aa081d6a708ce4b550c3afcf1536c49ca404e362/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20190920042654/https://i.imgur.com/5BxNjd9.jpg
1. China as the world's first Rare Earth Elements exporter, 2019.

http://web.archive.org/web/20190808...img7/fs/Trumbeggarbowlworltour.1565277584.jpg ; https://defence.pk/pdf/attachments/...6/?temp_hash=d774ae55fb03e91fb700ad165d3930f5
2. With more than 22 trillion dollars of debt, the U.S. will continue its beggar bowl's world tour, and as long as it needs to import Rare Earth Elements (R.E.E.) from China.

http://web.archive.org/web/20190821030730/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECXzFuBXkAc0Dbf.jpg ; https://archive.fo/eqiR0/d85bfec5d7fd0898c8b3161238f17b3a51aff4de.jpg
3. America's last ditch attempt to avoid its demise.

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Nov 13, 2009
US used to mine and refine their own rare earth elements. They shit down production due to cheaper foreign sources, mostly from China. If they have the need, they can reopen those mines.

I think China needs to reduce its extraction and export of rare earths. It's non-renewable and causes huge environmental toll. It's time to protect the strategic reserve and the environment.


Jun 4, 2018
USA can reopen their mine but will probably need to pay extra few billion to operate and use it.
Even IF they re-open their own mine it won't be as economically viable compare to importing it. US labour cost and all others related regulation will drive the cost far higher compare to the alternative of importing them.

Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
North Korea offers China concession for mining its rare earths

2019-10-25 16:27:24 KST

In order to overcome its dire power shortages, North Korea may have offered China concessions for the mining of its rare earths in exchange for the building of a solar power plant.

That's according to the homepage of the China-based Association for Rare Earth which cited local industry news sources and multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Rare earths are used for the production of cellphones and electronics and any exchange of North Korean rare earths is a violation of United Nations sanctions placed on North Korea.

The homepage said the proposal submitted by North Korea stated that if China invests in the building of a solar power plant in Pyongyang the North will allow China to mine rare earths.

The plant, is expected to cost two-and-a-half-billion U.S. dollars for construction and generate 2-and-a-half-million kilowatts of electricity.



Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
US army might have brought epidemic to China, says Chinese FM spokesman in tweet

March 13, 2020

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday that the US military may have brought the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to Wuhan.

“CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals?” Zhao wrote on Twitter, “It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

Currently, there’s no evidence to back his claim. But in a tweet shortly after, Zhao demanded to know how many of the 34 million infections and 20,000 deaths during the US’ latest flu season were actually related to COVID-19. He attached a video clip showing Robert Redfield, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, responding to Rep. Harley Rouda's question during the US House Oversight Committee discussion on the novel coronavirus response.

Rouda asked, "So we could have some people in the United States dying for what appears to be influenza when in fact it could be the coronavirus?"

Redfield replied that "some cases have actually been diagnosed that way in the United States today."

Last month, according to a report by TV Asahi Corporation of Japan, the CDC suspected that among the American patients who were thought to have died of flu in the past few months, some may have actually died of COVID-19.

Later, the report sparked speculation from some Chinese netizens that the virus might have been brought by US participants in the 2019 Military World Games, which were held in Wuhan last October.



Back in January 2020, China was the first nation in the world at the forefront of the fight against the most deadly Coronavrus' or COVID-19, the acronym used in the U.S. military for Covert Operation with Virus Inducing Death # 2019.

A warfare that was pre-announced to the U.S. audience, through its literature, by American author Dean Koontz in 1981, with a virus called Wuhan-400, in his book The Eyes of Darkness.

And also in the U.S. Simpsons animated television series that has also accurately disclosed years in advance and named as coronavirus this outbreak as starting from China, along the Paris Notre Dame Cathedral fire, Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash and Trump's election.

But more important, it was denounced by North Korea, at the time it was unleashed in the article #22317 published in November 2019 in the Pyongyangtimes under the title Testing ground of US’ biochemical weapons!

To blame the U.S. military for having spread unintentionally this Vrus' during the 2019 Military World Games, that was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan fails to explain the motivation though.

The reality is that it was a well planned and executed bio-warfare attack. It was carried out in Wuhan last December 2019, during the 28th Memory Championships because North Koreans champions had gathered in Hubei, and that the ultimate goal of Trump is the total economic asphyxia of North Korea, something the U.N. Security Council's resolutions and sanctions could never achieve even after two decades, blaming it on China's laxity.

The initial plan as envisioned by Washington was that after one year of total economic blockade, the DPRK would have caved under the U.S. blackmail, ending the 75 years long Cold War confrontation, and having no other option but to accept a reunification with South Korea, and under the U.S. terms. This de facto military surrender would have allowed Trump to control the most coveted rare earth reserves of North Korea, that amounts to 216 million metric tonnes, the first in the world. Without it, the U.S. will inexorably lose the AI race against China, that possess the second rare earth reserve of the world at 100 millions tonnes. Without the dominance in the electronic industry, the U.S. will not be able to avoid China terminating the century old Pax Americana by circa 2049, and supersede it!

https://archive.is/Jer51/cc5d35beb01d33cc345db0dcf9a70a78fd784645.jpg ; https://archive.is/Jer51/a2e705a978051d486b17c60de0eade5bfb181aab/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20191126190014/https://i.imgur.com/ZgNeNSz.jpg
1. Rare Earth Reserves worldwide as of 2019

But so far, this most heinous and evil mischief against the Chinese people has been foiled. Once again. As the Empire of Japan was forced to surrender unconditionally to the Republic of China on 2nd September 1945, after a self-defeating 8 years long total war waged on the R.O.C., sparing the Chinese people no atrocities, from mass aerial carpet bombings, chemical warfare, bio-warfare, directed energy warfare, to mind-control warfare, and causing the martyrdom of more than 100 millions Chinese citizens, the U.S. is now struggling for its own survival after this most reckless and self-defeating attack.

Indeed, back in January 2020, China was the first nation in the world at the forefront of the fight against the most deadly Coronavrus' or COVID-19, the acronym used in the U.S. military for Covert Operation with Virus Inducing Death # 2019.

Today, 14th March 2020, China is the first in the world to have emerged victorious in the war on COVID-19.

Within a few months from now, China will do in one shot with its Huoxing-1 Mars Rover, what the Soviet/Rus' could never achieve in two decades of fruitless attempts and dozens of space probes spoiled (and even 100% Soviet failure in 6 landing attempts, with only 14 seconds functional probe once on the Martian surface), thus having wasted in the process billions of rubles much needed for its social and economic development, and ending consequently with a catastrophic surrender at the end of the cold war: a successful mars landing at the first attempt!

By next year, after the Martian orbital insertion, the mothership will release the lander carrying the rover and attempt this first ever landing! A feat that not even the U.S. could realize at the first launch. (The first U.S. landing on Mars was attempted by Viking-1 only after four Mariner probes flybys and two more Mariner orbiters. This means after 6 missions, and 11 years -from 1964 to 1975-. The first U.S. rover, Sojourner would only be launched after 2 more missions and 21 years later, in 1996.)

After this first step, China will start the development of Mars, based on the first come first served basis. First a small outpost, then the large scale robotic mining of its mineral resources, including the most strategic rare earth elements (R.E.E.).

Indeed, unlike on earth, were the R.E.E. can only be extracted on the surface crust of the lithosphere, due to the current techological limitations to dive into the molten inner layers of the mantle, Mars solid layers go deeper due to the colder molten core. Thus making deep mining activities possible to reach were the highest concentration deposits of R.E.E. are located.

http://archive.is/ifgoA/58e98b4103ebe83800b6b518414e441396f8062c.jpg ; https://archive.is/ifgoA/9b899dcb22dc8260aa24d0d4a388f0e8e1d8fc09/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20180528.../news/896_Terrestial_Planets_internal_en1.jpg ; http://archive.vn/fyueu
2. Image of the theorized terrestrial planet interiors, with a deeper inner solid mantle on Mars, making R.E.E. mining the most strategic.

With these rare earth minerals, the electronic industry will be able to populate the entire red planet with AI industrial robots, sentient robotic scientists, robotic administrators, and also military ones. Therefore ensuring the armed defence of this vital core asset, in deterring the eternal greedy 8 Allied Powers' imperialists (U.S./E.U. and Vrus') from stealing it from the Chinese people, its sole and rightful owner.

Lastly, new spaceships will be designed in Martian research institutes and produced in Martian factories by the Chinese sentient robot scientists and robot engineers, allowing the further incremental and exponential conquest of the Moon, Venus and Mercury, and as far as the satellites of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. By 2049, the P.R.C. will celebrate its founding's centennial, after having finally implemented the policy of Socialism with Chinese Characteristic over the entire Solar System, and totaling some 100 billions citizens, humans on Earth, robotic and synthetic-organic on all the other planets and moons!

Deal with it!


Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
The American century known as Pax Americana is history. There was a before 9/11 and an after 9/11. Under the most insane and infamous President George W Bush. Meaning that starting from 2001, the ancient multipolar world order dominated by the all-ethnic-european nations and that had ruled the world since the 16th century, with the U.S., the old Europe's Britons, GERMs, VRus', Franks and Romans simply lost all relevance in the superceding U.S.-Chinese lead bipolar world order.

Twenty years later, the next phase, known as 2019's COVID-19 false flag has reset the old clock. There will be an after COVID-19 as well. An after Trump's America. To date the most foolish, and worst ever President in the U.S. recorded history. From now on, and by the turn of this decade, China will lead unopposed the new DPRK-Chinese dominated bipolar world order, increasing the gap with both the old Europe and the ailing U.S.

This is really the start of the China century, as I previously predicted, and known as Pax Sinica.

Notice that North Korea with zero dead and zero cases of coronavrus' as of 13rd April 2020, will also skyrocket to the second place among the rising superpowers, along ■■■■■ and ■■■■■■■. The Big powerhouses of Rare Earth Elements industry.

Consequently, the English language will vanish as the official international language in a decade by now, replaced by the Korean Hunminjongum.

Deal with it.

Korean Alphabet Catches Eye of the World


The Korean alphabet is stealing the limelight of world linguists.

They say that the Korean alphabet is rich in vocal sound and vocabulary and its grammatical structure is well framed, being easy to learn and use.

Hunminjongum, which literally means “right sounds to teach the people”, was invented in January 1444 by a number of linguists under the supervision of Sejong, the fourth king of the feudal Joson dynasty.

It consists of 17 consonants and 11 vowels. Having advanced in view of alphabetical development in the world, it can fully express any syllables of foreign languages.

A British phonetic linguist said that the Korean alphabet is unique as it is made based on the hieroglyphs of speech organs and the method of adding strokes to the basic letters in order to make their derivative letters is amazingly systematic and excellent.

The college of linguistics of Oxford University put the Korean alphabet in the first place when deciding the rankings of all alphabets around the world on the basis of their individual rationality, scientific accuracy and originality. UNESCO inscribed Hunminjongum as a world heritage on October 1, 1997.

An academic seminar of linguists around the world was held in France late in the 20th century, in which the participants suggested that it would be advisable to use the Korean alphabet as the world official language.

The participants in a meeting of the international phonetics academy held in Japan officially proposed an opinion of marking the worldwide phonetic signs by means of the Korean alphabet. A textbook of Harvard University says that the Korean alphabet is based on the most scientific system in the world.

What is noticeable is the fact that not a few linguists and experts of information science across the world regard the Korean alphabet as the most ideal current language and computer language in the world. A Japanese professor of Waseda University said he felt as if King Sejong (King Sejong the Great) had invented the Korean alphabet in view of the advent of the computer.

UNESCO sends linguists to the areas of minority peoples who are in troubles as they have no their own alphabets to teach them how to write their will with the Korean alphabet.

A race in Indonesia decided to use the Korean alphabet as its official letters to note its native words, and began to introduce textbooks of Korean letters into education of primary schoolchildren from July 2009. Linguists commented that this signalled an occasion for the spread of the Korean alphabet to different parts of the world with no letters.



Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
Videomancy: Crazy Alien (2019) V1.0

Updated 16 April 2020

The word Videomancy is derived from the English video and Greek manteia ('prophecy')

http://archive.is/9XBpR/9d348a4e5d0826ddc16bc4d0824c52e9da6e1574.jpg ; https://archive.is/9XBpR/8f8f10c597f3b912a313d0840c8c62b6ab962a1d/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200416...cGdeQXVyNzI1NzMxNzM@._V1_SY1000_SX675_AL_.jpg ; https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M...cGdeQXVyNzI1NzMxNzM@._V1_SY1000_SX675_AL_.jpg ; https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6660238/mediaviewer/rm831680000
1. Crazy Alien 疯狂的外星人 (2019)

The smoking gun.

Found after a few weeks spent browsing and analysing many past Chinese, U.S., Japanese, Indian and Soviet science fiction movies, looking for possible hidden messages linking to the COVID-19. Such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, but this movie will not be discussed in this post today.

The COVID-19 outbreak of last October 2019 was indeed preannounced, though requiring some decryption and foresight capability, not only in so many science fiction but also in many non-fiction movies.

From the Chinese movie industry, Crazy Alien 2019 is certainly the most unequivocal one.

The last movie to be screened in this decade, as a Chinese New Year's movie. On 5th February 2019. As this year, the Old World Order of the century-long Pax Americana being superceded by the nascent Pax Sinica, no movie at all could be screened, all movie theaters being closed in China, and as no Chinese New Year could be celebrated. Due to the COVID-19 false flag.

It embodies huge geopolitical password. No more inferiority complex vs the U.S.'s military might and technological dominance represented by the N.A.S.A.

Main hints at the current COVID-19:

• Both C-Nation or Armenikans (in fact the U.S.A.) and S-Nation (Russia) being powerless, then beaten.

• The Armenikans presenting themselves as the self-proclaimed sole legitimate representant of the humankind when dealing with exo-civilizations. While conducting the first meeting in earth orbit with an N.A.S.A. astronaut, the Armenikans' effort are ruined before the exchange of DNA with the exo-civilization's Ambassador can be concluded, as the an out of control satellite that shares striking resemblance with the Chinese Tiangong-1 Space Station smashed into the Ambassador's spaceship.
This means that even though the U.S.A. benefits from a tremendous advance in space technologies, they are still totally vulnerable to Mother nature. Ultimately losing to the Chinese, like a repeat of the early Soviet advantage during the Cold War era space race, lost by the end of the 1960s to the U.S.

• Armed confrontation between the U.S.A. and Russia.
Russians being depicted as helpless, with improvised metal shield before being gunned down by the C.I.A. commando that had invaded the Kremlin

• Exo-diplomatic and exo-economical competition between the U.S.A. and China

• The U.S. President, a Donald Trump's lookalike is depicted as a fool or a passive onlooker at best. Putin appearing only on a publicity poster.
Obviously both former superpowers' Presidents as weaklings

• More than simple rivalry between the U.S.A. and China, Armenikan imperialism in China, with armed kidnaping and hostage taking of Chinese citizen to the Armenikan Consulate. Racist slur from the American operative against Chinese.
Shocking for a Chinese audience, but this year an even harsher than fiction reality is making the headlines

• C.I.A. commando invading needlessly Congo in pursuit of the exo-civilization's Ambassador, still unaware that China had already won the exo-diplomatic race by signing first the diplomatic treaty with the advanced exo-civilization

• Chinese establishing exo-diplomatic relations with the Ambassador of the most advanced exo-civilization of the Galaxy, at the expense of the Armenikans. This, despite the Armenikans having made the first contacts and exchanges with the exocivilization.
This means that China has not the upper hand in space nor in high technology vs the U.S. but its time-honored brand products have more appeal for the exo-civilization

• Treaty signed leading to the access for the Chinese entrepreneurs to the entire Galaxy's market.
Those acquainted with Sid Meier's Civilization video game, it's the concept of economic victory

• Spacesuits then hazmat suits worn by the Armenikans when trying to negotiate with the supposed Alien Ambassador.

• The C.I.A. agent is literally ingesting remains of Chinese feces though unknowingly, by putting a 'diplomatic ball' used to exchange DNA into his mouth.
This might be a hint at either the U.S. being infected by the coronavirus from Wuhan or confronted with inferior medical and sanitary products made in China

• The Jungle law or rule of force is useless when confronted with obviously superior more advanced exo-civilization. The U.S. has only its military brute force but it is no match vs the Chinese that have a more refined culture to offer to the exo-civilization.

China Savior of Mankind: preventing the outraged exo-civilization's Ambassador from destroying the Earth with his spaceship's planet annihilator weapon, by securing an advantageous galactic trade deal with Chinese liquor.

http://archive.vn/XKolT/bc6d3305c0c49b3f1f153859cb5c12fdee31534d.png ; https://archive.vn/XKolT/f432e87d83ded77099ca82b52f092ba569f36e14/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200416195357/https://i.imgur.com/O2Blr2f.png
2. Chinese Tiangong-1 Space Station lookalike closing in fast

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Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
The Victory of the Axis of Resistance

And confirmed, with 51'017 deaths and 890'525 confiremd cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., today 24th April 2020, the Victory belongs to of the Axis of Resistance.

For China:

The Victory of the Axis of Resistance

Apr 18, 2020

http://archive.vn/H5CIG/34e20c91fe20172d610a97b3eff66ea8e3a1919b.png ; https://archive.vn/H5CIG/61df87f6da39420f2ba8570fedeeca1708d897c3/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200418035424/https://i.imgur.com/by2B4sh.png ; https://i.imgur.com/by2B4sh.png
1. 18th april 2020, among the top 10 nations the most affected, 6 are from the G-7.

Two months later, we have a clearer view now than when I started this thread on COVID-19 back on 20th February 2020.

Today 18th April 2020, among the top 10 nations the most affected, 6 are from the G-7. Iran and China have totally swapped their positions from the top to the bottom of the 10.

No more genetical targeting fallacy. And from the curve in yellow, representing the world's total confirmed cases, one can see that we are far from seeing the end of this epidemic, because the curve should first decrease its angle to the horizontal like China did.

Clearly, the Axis of Resistance is winning not only in the sanitary and medical front, but globally.

Today, China is viewed as the Savior of Mankind, because it is the one who can provide the vital medical and sanitary equipments.

This is really the beginning of the demise of the century-old Pax Americana, superceded by the nascent Pax Sinica or China Century.

Expect the process to be completed within a decade.

It is a also a global geopolitical victory, as illustrated by the increased Chinese cultural influence worldwide and specially in the West!

An example is Hollywood actress Alice Eve, with an Oxford degree, and known for her role of Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness.

http://archive.vn/yzbOO/61bd48ace4e04952e0d5fb36a2089663e984de06.jpg ; https://archive.vn/yzbOO/23e215fa471d2f6aaf6bfb26bfc6e51208d71420/scr.png ;
http://web.archive.org/web/20200418034946/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ESaL-lJU8AEELDf?format=jpg&name=medium ; https://twitter.com/aliceeveupdate/status/1235829113207705603

2. Hollywood actress Alice Eve, not wasting time under the quarantine and meditating three times a day and taking a course online about China’s first empires and the rise of Buddhism.

Learning the Korean language, that will replace the English language by 2030 as the official international language should be next!

Something China could never have achieved without this pandemic outbreak!

And for Iran:

PDF Tracking Contest

With a perigee visual magnitude of 2.4 at full illumination reported in a Chinese forum, it means that the Noor satellite is very easy to observe with naked eyes.

At a distance of 1'000 km and 50 percent illumination, the Noor-1 satellite is still bright enough with a visual magnitude 5, therefore observable without binoculars.

Not to mention to photograph with any camera and smartphone.

Special mention for the first member of this forum to report the first visual contact or post a photo!

http://web.archive.org/web/20200423...ata/attachment/image/000/16/54/48_640_480.jpg ; http://www.9ifly.cn/data/attachment/image/000/16/54/48_640_480.jpg ; http://www.9ifly.cn/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=93411&pid=731832 ; http://archive.is/2OMyh
1. Perigee visual magnitude of 2.4 at full illumination.

NOUR-1 satellite

NORAD ID: 45529
Int'l Code: 2020-024A
Perigee: 433.6 km
Apogee: 451.6 km

Inclination: 59.8 °
Period: 93.3 minutes
Semi major axis: 6813 km

Two Line Element Set (TLE):

1 45529U 20024A 20113.93246813 .00004197 00000-0 10000-3 0 9991
2 45529 59.7991 168.6034 0013204 212.2014 211.8193 15.43599399 100


First visual contact

First picture

http://archive.vn/eYsF3/b1d8d6877fbb090c08ae8dcca976f755b38c2800.jpg ; https://archive.vn/eYsF3/eb1844a122f4165fe1024212d2623eff5bcb1e97/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200423032619/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_Y_0lTXYAI7byz?format=jpg&name=medium ; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_Y_0lTXYAI7byz?format=jpg&name=medium ; https://twitter.com/aliceeveupdate/status/1150176935487725569
2. First prize for the visual tracking of Nour-1 satellite.


China’s 2020 Mars mission is going ahead despite the pandemic

24 APR 2020

The mission, on track for a July launch despite the Covid-19 pandemic, is named Heavenly Questions after the classical Chinese poem Tianwen

China’s Mars mission is moving ahead as planned despite disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And now the mission has a name: Tianwen-1.

The China National Space Administration announced the name of the Mars probe mission on Friday. Tianwen, or Heavenly Questions, is a classical Chinese poem written around 300 BC by Qu Yuan, one of ancient China’s greatest poets. The poem, which raised questions about the sky and stars, has been described as “the written treasure of Chinese mythology.”

The unmanned Tianwen-1 Mars mission is scheduled to launch in July, coinciding with a window occurring every 26 months that allows for the minimal use of propellant. It will take up to seven months for the probe to reach the red planet.

The probe is expected to be launched by China’s Long March 5 heavy-lift rocket. The mission includes orbiting, landing and roving.

In its announcement, the CNSA also unveiled the official logo for the Mars mission, saying that all future planetary exploration missions will be named as part of the Tianwen series.

NASA is also expected to launch its Mars 2020 mission in July. But ExoMars, the Europe-Russia mission planned for this year, has been delayed until 2022 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2012, China’s first attempt to reach Mars flopped when the Yinghuo-1 Mars probe, carried by the Russian Phobos-Grunt spacecraft, disintegrated over the Pacific Ocean. The new mission planned for this year was unveiled in 2016. If successful, China will be the third country to land on Mars, after the United States and the Soviet Union.

China also had other missions planned for this year, but it’s not clear whether they have been affected by the pandemic. China planned to launch the Tianhe core module for its upcoming space station and the Chang'e 5 lunar probe, meant to bring Moon samples back to Earth.


1. Video: SKIP TO 6m10S: China's first Mars exploration mission named "Tianwen-1" . 9:20 AM · Apr 24, 2020·Twitter Media Studio

http://archive.vn/wlJfw/ce76dc029c7c6f5536f496f4b3c4a2c7558f77b6.jpg ; https://archive.vn/wlJfw/2ca599610d4fa8944781b0916322e18a8998de23/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200425003828/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWVta2qU0AE78_C?format=jpg&name=900x900 ; https://twitter.com/XHNews/status/1253528382769229824
2. China's Mission to Mars! The country has named its first exploration to Mars "Tianwen-1" on Space Day 2020 http://xhne.ws/KKcxP . 5:37 AM · Apr 24, 2020·China Xinhua News

http://archive.vn/4T2p2/1ccb24a25bfc6252fa3a360b45ae362a0275e85e.jpg ; https://archive.vn/4T2p2/2a39afde8b65d7a2933fcb36f136a8733a1be51e/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200425004751/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWYXGSZUwAIO7F4?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 ; https://twitter.com/Tiger__H1/status/1253714959957020672
3. 火星探测任务名称「天问一号」. 5:58 PM · Apr 24, 2020·Twitter

http://archive.vn/rgTZG/0b3e7d3b842897bf73307421f18a6035b142cc87.jpg ; https://archive.vn/rgTZG/a8d6dbd52d482cc9f02d5da6acc06f128fbefa75/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200425004338/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWYXFJHUYAAPUxt?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 ; https://twitter.com/Tiger__H1/status/1253714959957020672
4. 行星探测任务名称「天问」.

http://archive.is/pXhnJ/4d49bc0d48979e795fc4fb54de895f598826616e.jpg ; https://archive.is/pXhnJ/c9de645e9be1887325d7517465fc02bb23a651b0/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200425003153/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWVhabeU0AERXVS?format=jpg&name=medium ; https://twitter.com/XHNews/status/1253515181906210816/photo/2
5. China names first Mars exploration mission Tianwen-1. 4:44 AM · Apr 24, 2020

http://archive.vn/m4utO/85de227f70f42aee88cc5fd74cfffd35399cf855.jpg ; https://archive.vn/m4utO/f507f8a5e1d125b5ae8e3e502db5a037fb0b089b/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200425005434/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWYXFxlUEAA7wrJ?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 ; https://twitter.com/Tiger__H1/status/1253714959957020672
6. 行星探测任务名称「天问」. 5:58 PM · Apr 24, 2020·

And Godspeed to the heliosphere!


Galactic Penguin SST

Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of
It is only one year later the incident that this confession is finally made public to the world masses: so humiliating was it for Trump in his last ditch attempt to delay the inevitable demise of the U.S., as the gamble to swap the useless Puerto Rico for the most coveted and priceless Greenland, with an estimated potential Rare Earth Element reserve worth 100 millions tonnes, only miserably backfired!

Trump wanted to 'swap' Puerto Rico for Greenland: ex-official

Issued on: 19/08/2020 - 20:58

President Donald Trump wanted to sell Puerto Rico or swap it for Greenland because he viewed the US territory as dirty and poor, a former senior administration official said Wednesday.

Miles Taylor, who was chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, said Trump expressed those views as the government undertook support operations after two massive hurricanes ravaged the Caribbean island in 2017.

Taylor told MSNBC that just before one 2018 trip by officials, Trump, who had regularly talked about acquiring Greenland from Denmark, seriously suggested he could trade away Puerto Rico.

"He told us, not only did he want to purchase Greenland, he actually said he wanted to see if we could sell Puerto Rico, could we swap Puerto Rico for Greenland, because in his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor," Taylor said.

The former official said he did not take Trump's remarks as a joke.


"And the fact that the president of the United States wanted to take a US territory of Americans and swap it for a foreign country is beyond galling."


In 2019 Trump canceled a visit to Denmark after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen rejected his proposal to buy Greenland as "absurd," though at the time there was no mention of Puerto Rico as part of the suggested deal.


Denmark is not Iraq, nor Libya. Waging a war under the pretext of alleged WMD for plundering its natural resources is not an option for Trump, because it is also a member of the NATO.

An invasion followed by a military occupation can't be selled to the domestic public opinion because there is no 'ruthless dictator' to overthrow in Nuuk and they both worship the same Christian faith. Worse, there is no vandetta between Greenland and Israel.

Thus the despair, delusion and sleepless nights in the White House!

Back to 2020. In this first real inter-planetary space race, and unlike the previous pointless cosmic fakery of the 1960s, infamously known as the Soviet-U.S. Apollhoax, today's first ever Chinese Mars Rover Tianwen-1 is heading at God speed toward its destiny, in securing the control of the Red Planet!

The Arab Team is no threat to China with only an orbiter, the ethnic Europeans' ExoMars could not even launch due to their total collapse following the Climatic Warming that unleashed the first wave of subtropical diseases.

Team Japan, previously present with the Suisei and Sakigake probes during the 1986 Halley Comet launch campaign (Halley Armada) is also no longer capable to remain in the race among the great powers of the 21th century.

A major geopolitical turning point, unprecedented since 1947 in the annals of the world history, to be remembered and celebrated in the centuries to come.

https://archive.vn/q8NUs/625ecdbac6f47acf2d49ca1f2b94f068dd64b9fe.jpg ; https://archive.vn/q8NUs/0def85652a8295fc7276b3622524228b04a3fb67/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200826013623/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EgPfQ73WkAEzqyz?format=jpg&name=900x900 ; https://twitter.com/planet4589/status/1298126607484424193
1. Pole position for China in securing the control of the Red Planet!
The current location of Earth's Mars fleet: wide view showing Earth, Mars, and (magenta) fleet, with box showing size of next zoom in. Aug 25, 2020

https://archive.vn/FrkZO/31a62300a5a657366f988282d6b9d15ebea49206.jpg ; https://archive.vn/FrkZO/3bb39eb240334d6ec362aa80b2237fa30be3bf18/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200826013829/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EgPfeM6XYAAcucm?format=jpg&name=900x900 ; https://twitter.com/planet4589/status/1298126835168038912
2. Pole position for China in securing the control of the Red Planet!
A zoom in showing Tianwen 1 and its CZ-5 rocket stage, Al'amal (Hope) and its H2 second stage rocket, and Percy, and its Centaur booster. Aug 25, 2020

And although the U.S.'s Percy is the most massive of the three contenders, it has no strategic value.

And as a matter of fact, the Chinese Tianwen-1 Mars lander is carrying nothing less than the precious funerary urn containing part of the bone ashes of late Academician Ten Thousands Satellites (万卫星: Wan Weixing) who passed away on 20th May 2020, and the chief scientist of China's first Mars exploration program.

With the first human ever to be buried on a Chinese extra-terrestrial territory, that is on Martian soil, in Wutuobang Pingyuan (乌托邦平原: Plain of Paradise), China can now legitimately claim the whole of the Red Planet as its rightful core territory. It only requires to build some permanent structure first, such as a tomb or better, a dedicated mausoleum, feasible as the main aim for Tianwen-2 mission set for the next biennial launch windows of 2022.

It is indeed the utmost duty of all true worthy Chinese to show filial piety (Chinese: 孝, xiao) as a virtue of respect for one's parents, elders, and ancestors. Therefore ancestor worship is of prime importance, not to mention the protection of the funeral complex's physical integrity. No more ancestor's tombs desecrated and looted with the remains exhibited in Viking Rus' so called 'Museum'.

To enforce its sovereignty, military factories would need to be deployed on Mars as soon as the Tianwen-3 mission.

Ultra large heavy payload could successfully reach the Martian surface with the use of Inflatable Heat Shields developed by CASIC, first tested on 6th May 2020 on the occasion of the maiden launch of the CZ-5B carrier rocket.

Once perfected, the initial 3 meter diameter of the experimental heat shield should be scaled up to 16 meters and even more.

https://archive.vn/cwgwC/681251b0920273348e99d674246b2696d5a8d275.jpg ; https://archive.vn/cwgwC/84db93ef02d6cafed3896a562e0f6ca7a424fbcb/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200826.../s1600/Entry+in+Mars+atmosphere+by+Manchy.jpg ; http://web.archive.org/web/20170421110315/https://www.humanmars.net/2014/06/ ; https://archive.vn/HmTZr ; https://archive.vn/Sgurs/c26742092375d5fedcf4b76b193f30caf5063336/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200826...BRkmMAPwiSCFNnlZ1475804725153transferflag.png
3. CASIC's Inflatable Heat Shields allowing to land heavy payloads of 37 tons on Mars.


By 2030, the powerful CZ-934 carrier rocket with 140 tons payload capacity in LEO, should be able to launch without problem 37 to 44 tons of payload to a Mars Transfer Orbit (MTO).

https://archive.is/NOSNq/9980aecf224a86d5b0b8c4b13856950ac166cd8d.jpg ; https://archive.is/NOSNq/e1a7c2fc5ac06f7c1b7287ce600a3adf3e0e2627/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200826204318/http://upload.qianlong.com/2019/0304/1551666805147.jpg ; http://web.archive.org/web/20200826204612/http://mil.qianlong.com/2019/0304/3143172.shtml ; https://archive.vn/rKKh8
4. The powerful CZ-934 carrier rocket with 140 tons payload capacity in LEO, should be able to launch without problem 37 to 44 tons of payload to a Mars Transfer Orbit (MTO).

Only this way could China be able to field enough robotic infantry, robotic airforce units and robotic counter-space ASAT-Laser and missile units required to defend Mars against tresspassers masquerading as 'scientific Mars landers' and other 'rovers', of the eternal greedy ethnic European squatters and land grabbers.

There will be no more repeat of past tragedies such as Diaoyutai, Nansha, Zangnan, Tuwa, Waimenggu, Waimanzhou or Haishenwai.

What is at stake is not Mars, a first springboard rich in underground rare earth elements (R.E.E.), but the entire Solar System. The Earth has simply not enough exploitable Rare Earth to support such a full scale extra-terrestrial inter-planetary development. Extraterrestrial robotic units can not be be built without rare earth electronic components.

By using wisely the 100 million tonnes of its strategic REE reserve, China can take the lead in the space race, and easily outgun all the ethnic European powers. In this inter-planetary endeavor, the addition of the North Korean 250 million tonnes REE could be an advantageous booster.

As the old Chinese proverb goes:

He who masters the Rare Earth Elements,
Controls the Solar System.

He who controls the Solar System,
Controls the Earth.

- Ancient Chinese proverb

In that order only and not in any others. And that was the trick.


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Aug 10, 2017
Hong Kong
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of

http://web.archive.org/web/20190821030730/https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECXzFuBXkAc0Dbf.jpg ; https://archive.fo/eqiR0/d85bfec5d7fd0898c8b3161238f17b3a51aff4de.jpg
1. America's last ditch attempt to avoid its demise.

https://archive.is/jlA0H/a2771420f30e1f8b3fedc135384d634a93161978.jpg ; https://archive.is/jlA0H/0b1f91a643e48d70b6fbe39cfd70406aa4eecdc4/scr.png ; http://web.archive.org/web/20210203101638/https://i.imgur.com/xehugbd.jpg
2. Vikings (2013–2020) Season 6 | Episode 15 All at Sea: I am King of Greenland.

Myanmar coup gives Chinese rare earth stocks an uneasy bounce as state of emergency raises supply squeeze concerns

• Stocks in the rare earth industry get an unexpected boost as Myanmar coup creates supply risks in world’s third-biggest producer
• China Rare Earth Holdings, MMG soar in Hong Kong even as analysts questioning the strength of price rally

Published: 1:37pm, 3 Feb, 2021

Rare earth related stocks in Hong Kong and mainland China are enjoying a mini rally after a military coup in Myanmar this week stoked concerns about a supply squeeze. The bounce may be fleeting, according to Guosen Securities.

The military seized power in the Southeast Asian nation on February 1 and immediately imposed a state of emergency for one year, citing fraud in last year’s elections.

Myanmar mined 30,000 metric tons of rare earth oxides equivalent, or 12.5 per cent of global production in 2020, according to estimates compiled by the US Geological Survey, up from 10.5 per cent in 2019. China produced the most at 140,000 tons, or a 66.7 per cent share, while the US accounted for 38,000 tons or 15.8 per cent.

Shenghe Resources Holding surged by the daily cap of 10 per cent in Shanghai to 19.04 yuan in Shanghai on Wednesday, repeating Tuesday’s feat. China Northern Rare Earth soared 6.3 per cent to 19.34 yuan. In Shenzhen, China Minmetal Rare Earth advanced 5.1 per cent on Wednesday to 20.04 yuan.

In Hong Kong, China Rare Earth Holdings rose 4.5 per cent to HK$0.70 on Wednesday, adding to a 15.5 per cent jump on Tuesday, while MMG has risen a cumulative 15 per cent in daily gains this week.

“The rally may not sustain as the geopolitical risk is not quite high [enough]” unless there is massive unrest, said Gary Ching, Hong Kong-based chief analyst for macroeconomic and strategy at Guosen. “The military would not want to see the economy get hit severely due to the coup.”

Rare earths include the lanthanide series of elements, metals which are critical to modern technologies such as new energy and electric vehicles. They are used in parts for gadgets from mobile phones to flat-panel screens, and catalytic converters in vehicles, and wind turbines.

Prices for 99.9 per cent purity lanthanum oxides from China were indicated at US$3,566 per metric ton in December versus US$1,810 in August 2019, according to the Institute for Rare Earths and Metals. Neodymium oxides of at least 99.5 per cent purity from China rose to US$79,000 per ton from US$48,500, according to its data.

The surge indicates the prevailing strong underlying demand from industry. It may or may not be supported by the political events in Myanmar, analysts said.

Like most economies, the Southeast Asian nation is also suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Growth probably eased to 1.7 per cent in 2020 from 6.8 per cent a year earlier, the World Bank said last month. Any sanctions against the military government could worsen the situation, although they are “easier said than done,” Ching added.

Other stocks with stakes in the Myanmar economy have seen a mixed bag of fairly insignificant reactions, suggesting investors are not alarmed by the political upheaval.

Norinco International Cooperation, which has a procurement and construction contract worth US$700 million with the local branch of Wanbao Mining, dropped 3.4 per cent to 6.57 yuan in Shenzhen on Wednesday.

Jiangsu Guotai International Group gained 0.6 per cent to 6.30 yuan on Wednesday. The firm has invested in 168 million yuan (US$26 million) to build an apparel industrial estate in Myanmar. It developed a production base there with an area of more than 930,000 square feet in 2017. China Gezhouba Group dropped 1.4 per cent to 6.49 yuan. The unit of state-owned energy giant China Energy Engineering Corporation is investing US$311 million in a cement production plant in the Mandalay region in central Myanmar.

“The coup impact should not be significant, as investments by Hong Kong-listed companies in Myanmar are not that big,” said Ernie Hon, head of research at Essence International Securities in Hong Kong. He expects the government “will avoid harming the foreign investors’ interest.”




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