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China’s New Aircraft Carrier Lacks Fighter Jets


Jun 9, 2009
United States

i remember these same people claiming things about china's other two carriers

namely, how china couldn't possibly build/rebuild a carrier because china simply could not make arresting cables,
and no way china even has a jet more it because russia wont sell su-33s
and of course there's no way china could make elevators powerful enough to move something like a su-33 even if russia sells.
and no way china could get powerful enough engines to get it moving.

those shortcomings are only in their wet dreams of course.

in the real world, china will soon have in service, 3 large carriers, fujian especially, is a super carrier only slightly smaller than the ford class.

meanwhile, how long has the Vikrant been in construction for? and how many times did it launch? lol and all that for a much smaller, weaker, carrier (than even liaoning, nevermind fujian) and its one that truly doesn't have jets, because its elevators are tiny so not much fits, indians dont want more mig-29k, and its domestic industry produced only cost inflated trash that its own military dont want.

people use to think surely it would be in service before shandong is even finish being built, indians certainly didn't shut up about it back then. now we're wondering whether fujian will be commissioned before Vikrant lol.

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