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China's 'nastier Rise' Will Affect Those Cheering America's Decline: South Asian Expert


Sep 19, 2018
United States
China is the instrument of divine justice. Certain groups have committed so much evil that they must be purged from the Earth. The Americans (and other colonial Anglos) built their country on the corpses of Native Indians / indigenous people. They are marked for purging. Indians allow modern slavery in the form of the caste system. They must be purged from the Earth too.

How will China achieve divine justice of eliminating these two groups?

First, we take over Taiwan and break through the first island chain.

Second, we encircle Japan with our navy and support local forces who want to kick out American presence. We already did this in Korea -- the Korean government is simply waiting for the right opportunity to rid itself of foreign occupiers.

Third, we project our power to Australia and coerce Australia into ceding territory to China until only a small rump state remains.

Fourth, we support a powerful Venezuela that rebuilds Greater Colombia in the North of the South American continent. We also support a Greater Mexico and deploy PLA to the Mexico-US border.

Once the first step (take over Taiwan) has happened, the US economy will go into a tailspin. Irreconcilable political differences will pull the red states and blue states in different directions. The different branches of the US military will support different factions.

Once the Second American Civil War begins, PLA deployed in Mexico will support the side most amenable to PLA troops in California, Oregon and Washington State. Eventually, the whole US West coast will be under Chinese rule and new countries will form after the Second American Civil War ends.

As for India, we will dissect them into many smaller countries like Tamil, Decca and Assam. The most dangerous Hindu speaking northern regions will be ruled in a harsh and unforgiving manner by our ally Greater Pakistan.
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Nov 4, 2011
Every country you call allies today may cheer up if the US collapse tomorrow, if they can gain something from that. Vietnam and China used to be, probably, the best allies the world have ever seen under Chairman Mao and President Ho Chi Minh.

Nothing is forever.

And the US have killed too many people in modern history and created for itself too many enemies, while China has almost no enemy by heart. China is being hated now mostly thanks to Western propaganda, but the hatred is not as deep as people whose families were killed by American. They just have no chance to say, but they will not forget.

Today, children in Vietnam are still singing anti-American songs in pop contest. Japanese does not forget the US dropped two nuclear bombs on their soil (i have worked with Japanese for quite a long time and know their feeling, of course they will not share it with their American partners). They are just waiting patiently for the time to come.
Dozens of countries were involved in Korean war, but only China and US matter for the outcome. Only 3 countries can tip the balance of each other in a war, China, Russia and US. US is all alone.

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