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China’s anti-Japan war dramauses music from Japaneseanime ‘Naruto’

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    Blue Wolf , a Chinese anti-Japan war drama, has
    apparently taken music from the popular
    Japanese animated series Naruto: Shipudden ,
    causing netizens who are fans of the series to
    react. The music was used in a scene from
    episode 33 of Blue Wolf , showing the male lead
    actor reminiscing about his lover.
    Members of Sina Weibo, a microblogging site in
    China, commented on the similarity of the music
    with “Man of the World,” arranged by Japanese
    anime composer Yasuharu Takanashi, which was
    often played in episodes of Naruto: Shippuden .
    The People’s Daily, a Chinese newspaper,
    analyzed both pieces of music and concluded that
    it’s “basically the same… with only slight
    differences.” The Blue Wolf soundtrack did not
    include the composer of the music in episode 33
    in its credits, and continues to remain silent on
    questions whether music from Naruto : Shippuden
    theme was intentionally used.
    Microbloggers said that it’s “ironic” for a Chinese
    anti-Japan war drama to use music from a
    Japanese anime with one fan writing that,
    “they’re garbage… it’s already commonplace for
    them to steal music from Japanese shows. It just
    shows you that the music Japan creates for their
    television shows is much better than anything
    China’s ever made,” as a remark on why he
    hasn’t watched anti-Japanese drama in a long
    time. Others were less critical, suggesting that
    the music used could be a form of tribute since
    Naruto: Shippuden is particularly known even in
    Chinese anti-Japan dramas have drawn flak in
    recent years with their weird plots, exaggerated
    acting, and details of the Sino-Japan war, always
    showing the Chinese as the inevitable victors. TV
    watchdog Wang Weiping told People’s Daily anti-
    Japan war dramas are usual source of creativity
    for television and that “recently some of this
    creativity has shown lack of seriousness, creating
    lots of nonsense and not respecting history.”