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Chinamember uses PDF for 12.5 Hours in One Day!!!!

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Sep 15, 2006
United Kingdom
Hello, PDF...

I have came out of retirement to share with you about a chinaposter who is very "passionate" & perhaps unhealthily "obsessed" w/ Pakistan Defence Forum.

This chinamember has used PDF for 12.5 Hours straight!!! Actually approximately 17.5 Hours (but there was a solitary single 4 Hour Break in-between)!!!

Yes, this poster posted on PDF ONLY on the specific day (Wednesday 1/20/2021 according to my US time Zone):
--- Posted every about 5-15 minutes for allotted throughout the 12.5 Hours shift!!!
--- This includes 183+ Photos of Chinese military, schools, Uyghur girls, etc. (according to my rough counting)!!!
--- Countless amounts of Threads w/ ridiculously long lines of penmanship
All this went on for 12.5 hours in a SINGLE DAY!!!

I hope this poster has a job because they have spent over HALF of their Wednesday (or Thursday in china timezone), which I am sure is a part of the workweek in the country of china. There doesn't seem to be any coinciding holiday in china that would warrant such kaput behavior of spending 12.5 hours in PDF posting tremendous amounts of Posts, Threads, 8 You-Tube Videos and over 183+ HD Photos of unusual stuff in a Single-day... Maybe they were very excited for US Presidential Inauguration Day which falls on 1/20/2021!!!

I have attached (or at least tried to), every single post that was indeed posted in the aforementioned time period. Yes, I know, this is ridiculously long!!

Let me know what the hell is going on!

HERE'S the 4 HOUR Break!!!!!! Seems a bit more than the Usual 2 hour chinaworker break in china!!!! Maybe these hours are made-up later in the day...
You came out of ‘retirement’ for this, and not all that Pakistan has gone through?
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